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    29 Things You'll Probably Want If You Just Got A New (Or Old) Fur Baby

    For the undying love of your sweet pups and frisky felines.

    1. A cute ceramic jar to stash your pet's favourite treats. The lid has a silicone rim, so it'll seal tightly to keep 'em fresh.

    Three ceramic jars with lids and dog treats inside

    2. A stain and odour remover, because face it, you're going to need it. This stuff is designed specifically for "organic" messes, with ingredients that are safe to use around the little monsters who make them.

    A person spraying the stain and odour eliminator onto a shaggy carpet

    3. A pair of grooming brush gloves that'll let you pet and brush your furballs at the same time. You can also use them while you give them a bath for a real good scrub down.

    The gloves with a pile of shedding fur on them

    4. A doggy water bottle that'll dispense water into its lid with the press of a button. Reviewers love that it replaces the need to carry a bowl and a bottle and that it's totally leakproof when the locking mechanism is turned on.

    5. A tunnel bed that'll give your feline friend a place to play and lounge. Reviewers love that you can detach the tunnel from the bed to use separately, and say that it's particularly great for young cats who like to play hide and seek.

    A cat lounging in the bed part of the tunnel bed

    6. An electric nail sander that'll help you get your pooch's paws in order, without freaking them out with clippers. Reviewers say it's fairly quiet (which is a big plus for noise-sensitive pups) and that it's particularly useful if you have a dog with black nails, which can be harder to differentiate from their quicks.

    A dog lounging in some grass while it gets its nails sanded

    7. A self-grooming cat brush that you can attach to your cat's favourite wall, corner or table leg, so they can give themselves a brush from time to time. It has soft bristles that'll give them a massage while collecting some of those loose hairs.

    The self-grooming brush attached to various corners with a cat rubbing its face against it

    8. A poop bag dispenser that'll attach right onto your leash, so you'll never forget to bring one (so awko). It also has a hook on the back that you can hang your full bags on until you find a trash can or get back home.

    A full poop bag hanging off of the hook on the underside of the bag dispenser that's attached to the leash

    9. A reusable lint roller that'll get your pet's fur off your couch, bed, rug, cushions, sweaters — you name it. It'll collect the excess hair into a compartment on the back that's super easy to clean out.

    10. A bathing tool that'll let you soak and scrub your pet at the same time. It'll keep both hands free, which will be a godsend if your furry companion is absolutely bonkers when they're in the tub.

    11. A jar of paw wax that'll protect your fur babies' lil' stompers from salt, ice, and hot pavement. Reviewers say it's a great alternative to boots that just don't want to stay on, and that it'll help with dry and cracked paws, too.

    A jar of Dr. Maggie's paw protector

    12. An ultrasonic squeak toy that'll provide your pup with endless entertainment, without giving you a headache. It's perfect if you have thin walls and want to play with your pup without disturbing the people around you.

    A dog with the penguin-shaped ultrasonic squeak toy

    13. A pair of stainless steel bowls that fit right into the silicone mat it comes with. The mat is non-slip and has rimmed edges that'll prevent a tsunami of kibble across your kitchen.

    The bowl and mat set with kibble filling both the bowl and spilt on the mat

    14. A set of finger toothrushes that'll help keep your furry pal's chompers sparkling clean. Reviewers say these brushes are gentle yet effective, and that they're not as intrusive or difficult to control compared to other toothbrushes.

    Six finger toothbrushes

    15. A lick pad that’ll suction onto your tub to distract your pup while you give them a bath. It's made out of food-safe silicone with ridges that'll let them take their time with their sticky treat and give you the chance to be thorough.

    A dog licking peanut butter off of a silicone mat that is suctioned onto a shower door

    16. A recovery cone collar that'll protect your sweet baby angels from chewing and scratching post surgery. It's made with a padded neckline for comfort, and it's transparent, so their peripheral vision isn't blocked.

    A cat with a bandaged arm wearing the cone

    17. An air purifier that'll obliterate the dust and pet dander that loves to float through your apartment. It's especially handy if you have allergies — reviewers say you'll notice clearer sinuses and better breathing right away.

    An air purifier in a bright and stylish room

    18. A deshedding brush that'll give you some control over your pet's fur before it covers your entire apartment. Reviewers say it does wonders for their pet's coat, leaving it shinier and unmatted, with a noticeable decrease of furry tumbleweeds on the floor.

    A person holding up the deshedding tool with loose fur on it

    19. A top-entry litter box that'll be a lifesaver if you have other mischievous pets (like a puppy who likes to dig). Reviewers love how easy it is to clean and that it contains their cat's messes better than a traditional tray.

    A cat inside of the litter box that has a hole in the top for entering, a ventilated lid, and a straining scoop hanging off the side

    20. A doggy seat belt that'll keep you and your dog safe on long rides. Reviewers say it'll help you maintain your focus on the road, especially if your pooch is a total wild child in the car.

    A dog strapped into the backseat of a car with the dog seat belt

    21. An incognito litter box that's both functional and decorative. It comes with a fake plant, which is particularly great if you had to get rid of a few real ones to accommodate your furry friend.

    A cat stepping out of the planter shaped litter box

    22. An automatic water dispensing set that'll fit perfectly in your kitchen corner. It will refill the water dish after every drink your dog takes, but will never flow past the fixed water line. Reviewers love that it can be taken apart to clean easily.

    The automatic water dispenser bowl set in the corner of a room

    23. A handy dandy paw cleaner that'll give your dog's feet a thorough wash. It has soft silicone bristles for a gentle cleanse that'll be perfect after a rainy day at the dog park.

    24. A window perch, so your cat can bask in the sun comfortably. It comes with a cushioned bolster you can zip on or off, and a cover you can toss in the laundry — plus, reviewers say it's super sturdy and easy to install.

    A cat lounging on the windowsill bed

    25. A pack of pet wipes that'll you'll thank me for the next time your dog or cat steps in something gross. They're hypoallergenic and compostable, for your pet and the planet.

    A dog's paw on one of the wipes

    26. A Furbo dog camera that'll keep an eye on your pets (and give them treats!!) when you're not home. It comes with an app that'll let you see what the camera sees and send you notifications when your dog barks.

    A dog in front of the Furbo camera next to a phone it is connected to

    27. A best-selling digger toy that'll help satisfy your cat's instinct to hunt. Just add kibble or treats into the tubes and watch as your sweet familiar playfully paws them out. Reviewers say it'll also help cats who love to inhale their food slow the heck down.

    28. A rechargeable LED collar that’ll help you see your dog on evening walks, even if they're off-leash and on the other side of the dog park. It's waterproof, so they can still wear it in the rain or at the beach.

    A dog standing on a rock by a beach with the collar on

    29. And finally, a handheld vacuum cleaner that'll come in handy when you're looking for a quick clean up. It's perfect if you're constantly brushing your pet's fur off of the couch, or finding miscellaneous bits of kibble all over the place.

    A handheld vacuum hanging on a wall in its charging unit

    Because your furry friends deserve to feel this good:

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