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    27 Eco-Friendly Products Under $30 That You Should Probably Try

    Let's all be a little greener, without destroying our wallets.

    1. A set of six merino wool dryer balls that'll cut down on static, wrinkles, and how long your laundry will need to spend in the dryer. They're made of hypoallergenic organic wool, so they won't add anything to your clothes that would irritate your skin.

    A case with soft balls of wool

    2. A pack of reusable beauty pads that'll replace your usual disposable ones. They’re made of organic bamboo cotton, which is totally biodegradable — and it’ll also be kind to your sensitive skin.

    The pack of washable makeup removing pads next to their packaging and mesh laundry bag

    3. And a pair of silicone face-scrubbing pads that'll gently exfoliate your skin. They're soft enough to use on your eyes to take off your makeup, so you won't need to use any other cloth or cleansing pad.

    A person holding two face scrub pads

    4. A reusable notebook with pages you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. It comes with a pen that is designed specifically for this futuristic pad, and is equipped with scanning codes you can use with a free app to transfer your handwritten notes to your phone or laptop.

    A person writing a grocery list on the pad

    5. Or this traditional notebook that'll give you a special spot to write your goals and bucket lists in. It's made out of recycled paper, so you can check "be more sustainable" off right away.

    The notebook with a cute bear standing on geometric shapes etched into it

    6. A pack of biodegradable cotton swabs that’ll help ease the guilt you feel every time you toss a typical disposable swab in the trash. Though these aren't reusable, they're made of paper and are entirely compostable — which is a step in the right direction, if you ask me.

    The pack of compostable cotton swabs

    7. A pack of reusable Keurig cups that'll let you brew whatever coffee grinds you'd like. Reviewers love that they're a cheaper (and greener) alternative to just buying pre-packaged pods all the time.

    Reusable k-cups on a newspaper next to a cup of coffee

    8. A set of reusable grocery bags that'll help you shrink that hoard of plastic bags you've got stashed in a cupboard. It comes with a cute tote and three mesh bags that can collapse into a compact pouch.

    9. Or this charming trio of cotton bags you can use for produce, bread, or even as packing organizers (for whenever we can travel again). Each bag is equipped with a drawstring that'll make it easy for you to keep your goodies secure.

    Three bee-themed bags with drawstrings on a counter

    10. A shampoo and conditioner bar that'll save you from throwing away unnecessary plastic packaging. They're vegan, cruelty free, and don't have any palm oil in them, either.

    11. A stovetop espresso maker that'll let you brew up an artisan Americano without needing to stop at Starbucks. It uses a funnel for the espresso grinds, so you won't ever need to purchase a pack of disposable filters.

    The stovetop espresso maker on a tray beside a plant

    12. An eco-friendly silicone travel cup you can use on the go, instead of giving in to the convenience of a disposable one. It's collapsible, so you can squeeze it into your tiniest purse even if you aren't anticipating a stop at your local café.

    13. A reusable vacuum-insulated bottle that is so stylish, you won't ever forget to bring it with you. It's totally leakproof, and will keep your water icy all day long.

    A person holding the bottle in the great outdoors

    14. A pack of bee's wax food sheets, so you won't have to rely on plastic wrap to cover your leftovers. You'll just need the heat of your hands to seal them shut, and can reuse them after a quick wash in cool water.

    The reusable wax wraps covering cheese and bread on a cutting board

    15. A door draft stopper that'll help you deal with that midnight chill, without adjusting your thermostat. It'll also help to block out noise and light, which is especially great if you have roommates who like to stay up past your bedtime.

    A stick-on door draft stopper on a door

    16. A pair of bamboo toothbrushes that'll steer you away from buying another plastic one. These babies have soft bristles that won't hurt your gums, and they also come with their own lil' stands.

    Two bamboo toothbrushes on the edge of a sink in their bamboo holders

    17. A Brita water bottle that'll make sure your aqua is filtered on the go. Reviewers love that it reduces the smell and taste of chlorine, and that the lid it comes with is leakproof.

    A person sipping from the Brita water bottle

    18. A menstrual cup that'll help you say goodbye to uncomfortable tampons and bulky pads. Reviewers say there is a learning curve, but that it's totally worth it once you get used to it. Not only will these reusable cups benefit the environment in the long run, but it'll be great for your wallet as well.

    A person holding the menstrual cup with a diagram pointing to the anatomy of the cup, showing its rim, stem and flexible body

    19. A pack of antibacterial menstrual pads you can wash and reuse. Reviewers say they're comfy to wear, even just as liners — especially at night when the last thing you want is a sticky, stiff pad (the button snaps on the wings are a serious upgrade).

    Bright patterned reusable menstrual pads with button clasps on their wings

    20. A trio of glass food storage containers that can handle the icy temperatures of your freezer, so you can use them instead of plastic freezer bags. They can also go into your hot stove or microwave, as long as you take the lids off first.

    Three round food containers on a counter with food

    21. A biodegradable AirPods case that'll protect your earphones and the planet! Reviewers say that despite being an inexpensive product, the case doesn't feel cheap whatsoever — it fits perfectly and has a smooth texture that isn't bulky.

    A person with their AirPods case on a carabiner attached to the belt loop on their jeans

    22. An exfoliating coffee scrub that'll make your skin feel smoother than a bébé’s bottom. It's made with organic and vegan ingredients, with the added benefit of caffeine to help with puffiness. It's scented with vanilla and orange essential oils, and is safe to use all over your bod — including your face and lips.

    23. An extra-fine mesh tea infuser that'll help you to cut back on buying packs of teabags. It comes with a screw-on lid, so you won't have to pick out any rogue floaters once your tea has steeped.

    The infuser on a thin metal plate next to a glass of tea

    24. A trio of biodegradable scrubbing pads that are made completely out of coconut fibres. Reviewers say they're super impressed with how long these babies hold up, and that you can use them on your pots and pans without worrying about scratching them.

    A coconut scrub pad next to a couple of coconuts

    25. A machine-washable shower curtain, so you can stop repurchasing plastic ones over and over again. The bottom seam is weighted, so it'll stay where it's supposed to. It also comes with rings, so you won't have to make a separate purchase if you don't already have your own.

    A plain shower curtain hanging in a bathroom

    26. A pair of glass spray bottles you can bring to your local eco-bulk store, to replenish your natural cleaners and disinfectants. They come with two spray nozzles and caps, so you can decide how you want to store 'em.

    Two bottles, one with a screw-on cap and the other with a spray nozzle

    27. And finally, an all-natural volcanic pumice stone that'll exfoliate that dead winter skin off of your feet. Reviewers say the large, oval shape of this product makes it easy to hold, and that the rope it comes with is great for hanging it to dry properly.

    A person holding the pumice stone

    Because you gotta keep those Rs in mind while you shop.

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