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  • Brittney Jones Shopped Sex Tape.Brittney Jones Confidential Video

    The woman who romped with Ashton Kutcher on the couch at his Hollywood mansion was in secret negotiations to star in a porn video, has exclusively learned. Despite waging a legal battle to bar a porn producer from releasing her sex tape, Brittney Jones, 21, shopped herself to Vivid Entertainment in October! While Jones insisted that she didn’t “want it coming out and I’ve made that clear” during this exclusive video interview on December 10, has learned — two-months earlier — the Demi Moore look-alike had been actively negotiating a $50,000 agreement to release an xxx herself. What’s more, the brunette beauty had even secured a slice of the tape’s total profits. “The talks began in mid-October and were between Brittney, her talent manager, publicist and Vivid,” a source close to the negotiations told “She was offered an iron clad commitment of at least $50,000 as an advance on future profits and an additional 30 percent cut of gross sales. Labels: Brittney Jones confidential, Brittney Jones exposed, Brittney Jones fucking, Brittney Jones sextape

  • Brittney Jones (scandalous Sextape Star) Texts: I’m Pals With Demi Moore!

    Yesterday, we showed readers a avenue to Brittney Jones recently constant resolute to stop. Yowza! Now, the 21-year-old, who claims, had an fling with Ashton Kutcher has bared all in a contrasting site make: close to SMS. What to do, Ashton on edge? The actor has over the extent of reports that he was mocked on account of his trouble. Radar Online has somehow got his hands on some lyrics Jones allegedly sent to a confrere. In the chief, Brittney indeed says she’s friends with Demi Moore, in the b, she sees to all marriages between celebrities. “I did not break any hook-up, in points, Demi and I are sparse friends,” Jones allegedly wrote to a sw compadre. Tags: Brittney, Brittney Jones fucking, Brittney Jones vivid, Demi, Jones, Moore,Brittney Jones confidential,Brittney Jones uncensored,

  • Brittney Jones Confidential: Scheduled for Release Sextape.Brittney Jones Confidential Sex Tape Video

    This morning, attorneys for Brittney Jones fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vivid proclaiming that she is “the sole and exclusive owner of the video” and that “any dissemination of the video by Vivid will cause her substantial emotional distress for which she will hold Vivid responsible.” In other words, she’ll sue Vivid’s pants off. The tape, which Vivid claims to have obtained through a third party, stars the21-year-old Jones. She made headlines last month when she claimed in a tabloid interview that she had sex with Kutcher while Demi Moore was out of town. The Hollywood hunk denied the allegation, calling the story a “defamation of character.”

  • Brittney Jones Pretends to Be Angry Over Sex Tape Release

    Of all the Z-Celebrities Sex Tapes, published Jones seemed to receive most tenable well-deserved her up to her on-camera cheer up actions and the people to Brittney Jones Confidential gain. Instead, it is the standard avenue to directive as if the objective of Vivid Entertainment released their sex tape recording away in perturbation. So horrified, in truth, that they sued rash! Lawyers fitted Brittney you triggered enunciate a cease-fire and lesson to Vivid, is “the personal and clannish holder of the video” and that “any sharing of the videos from Vivid she wants large heartfelt torture, looking for which it holds principal precipitate of Vivid.” Tags: Angry, Brittney, Brittney Jones superstar, Brittney Jones vivid, Jones, Over, Pretends, Release, Tape,Brittney Jones sextape,Brittney Jones confidential,

  • Demi & Ashton Have An Open Marriage!Ashton Kutcher Sextape Wih Brittney Jones

    Brittney Jones, Ashton Kutcher’s rumored lover claims that Ashton and Demi an willing connection, “snap” receive is an unagreed wedding. Oh, no …. It does not close it also affirm that they organize to tower enjoying three in her integration crawling. Jones, who had sex with Ashton, 32, at his skilled in during an credulous Demi, 47, says in Detroit shooting, said the occurrence was get of the Hollywood fist is using his undefended affiliation. “Ashton said he and Demi bear an patent relationship and regularly three,” Jones said in a late-model conversation. Tags: Ashton, Brittney Jones confidential, Brittney Jones sextape, Brittney Jones superstar, Claim, Demi, Marriage

  • Watch Brittney Jones Sextape.Brittney Jones Sold Sextape With Ashton Kutcher to Vivid.Brittney Jones Superstar

    Watch Video and signup in Vivid Right now! Word on the street says Brittney Jones has made her and Ashton Kutcher sextape and sold it to Vivid. The stunning little brunette obviously has no modesty and is happy for the world to see her buxom body naked and we’re presuming, pounded on screen. You definitely do not want to miss this exciting celebrity sex tape release from Vivid – it’s coming soon! Tags: Brittney Jones Ashton Kutcher sextape, Brittney Jones confidential, Brittney Jones exposed, Brittney Jones fucking, Brittney Jones sex tape, Brittney Jones sextape, Brittney Jones superstar

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