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    West Michigan Whitecaps Present 'The Baco' -Bacon Taco

    This creation, available at West Michigan Whitecaps games, is something straight out of Ron Swanson's dreams. (Hold the lettuce and tomato.)

    Jane Wells of CNBC was overnighted a "Baco" this weekend and proclaims: "It's like a BLT without toast!" Check out some other highlights:

    Watch the full interview here:

    Baco Verdict: Awesome

    "One day Baco, you will give 90% of these Americans clogged arteries."

    Watch as Jane destroys a Baco.

    See Jane interview in a field holding a Baco.

    This is Mickey Graham's face after Jane suggests serving them with salsa. "Oh we should have that as a condiment along with mayo!"

    Graham agrees. Says "I may eat 22!" What a dream!