30 Signs You Love Dance Marathon

in honor of the 30th Anniversary of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Please visit DanceMarathon.com for more information or to join the movement.

1. When sitting down is a sin

2. When you see someone on campus wearing a Dance Marathon shirt

3. When people start thinking you’ve joined a cult

4. When a ‘friend’ asks you to do something the weekend of Dance Marathon

5. When you spend more time with your Dance Marathon family than your actual family

6. When you’re delirious after standing on your feet for 12 hours

7. When there’s nothing in life a good beat drop can’t solve


8. When you refuse to acknowledge that someday you’ll have to graduate and become a DM alum

9. When you have an exam the Monday after Dance Marathon

At the event

After the event

10. When this kid is your ultimate hero


11. When you’ve mastered the art of puppy eyes

12. When you have the odd desire to present every Miracle Child on stage like this

13. When a song from your line dance comes on at the bar and an impromptu flash mob happens

14. When you think this is what you look like doing the line dance

But in reality:

15. When you hit your fundraising goal and DonorDrive cheers for you

16. When you see an attractive guy/girl befriend a Miracle Child

17. When this song turns you into a ninja warrior

18. When you open your mailbox looking for donations and it’s empty

19. When you eat ‘lunch’ at 2AM

20. When this is your reaction during the total reveal

21. When you enjoy counting money that’s FTK more than your own

22. When your wealthiest friends only donate $5 to your fundraising page

23. When someone tells you they’ll sign up for Dance Marathon and never does

24. When you look forward to one hour of raving for an entire year

25. When you’ve donated to all of your friends’ fundraising pages

26. When you’ve mastered the art of thrift shopping for costumes

27. When the ugly cry is something you aspire to

28. When the primary color of your wardrobe is neon… Neon fanny packs? Neon tanks? Neon sunglasses?

29. When you’re completely lost the day after Dance Marathon

30. When you can’t stop, won’t stop FOR THE KIDS!

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