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Decrypting The Anna Kendrick & Kellan Lutz Twitter Flirtation

We're giving you a play by play, people.

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The ball is thrown into court

We can see hear that Anna emphasizes the need for both a strapping and muscular man. Notice the mention of a phallic shaped vegetable; a subtle hint that she is indeed looking for a large penis. And yet another nod to penises, the word "hard". Penises when erect, do indeed have a firm, hard surface area. Last but not least, kissy emoji's. The significance three here can be tied back to ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics in sets of three emphasized the ancient Egyptians' intense sexual appetite, or what we call most commonly refer to now as " the thirst".

The ball is in the net

Notice the misuse of comma punctuation here. Kellan has displayed his weakness but this may or may not be an issue for the female. His confidence comes right out of the gate here, responding to a question with a question – classic misdirection many males use to attract a mate. He finishes off this tweet with a classic sunglasses emoji. Nothing says cool like a pair of shades.

The Takeaway

Overall, a fine portrayal of sexual repartee between two very good looking people. An enjoyable event to witness and society agrees that we would like to see more of this happen between celebrities.

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