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How "A Very Special Episode" Changed My Life

"Saved By The Bell" was deep man. Real Deep. Take the episode "Jessie's Song" where the gang discovers Jessie's 3 day secret.

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Freak Out Heard Around The World

Jessie Spano's Caffeine Pill addiction has stuck with many a 90's child since the episode first aired in 1990. We all know how hard decisions- like choosing between studying for mid-terms with the hot jock or singing with your best gal pals at The Max for a really far fetch music contract - can lead one down the road of Caffeine

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In Conclusion - Never take Caffeine Pills to Sing At The Max!

So thank you, dear sweet Jessica Spano, for teaching millions of teens the errors of Caffeine Pill consumption these past 23 years. Because of you, and your willingness to share how scared you were of your 3 day addiction with Zack, America is now winning the war on Caffeine.

Now, please excuse me while I go take my second 5-Hour Energy shot of the day & chase it with a Mountain Dew Kickstarter so I may continue my afternoon.

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