The Best Backstreet Boys Songs For Your Wedding

In honor of Nick Carter’s engagement news, we decided to pull together a list of the best Backstreet Boys songs for your wedding.

1. First Dance: “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

“I’ll never break your heart / I’ll never make you cry / I’d rather die than live without you / I’ll give you all of me / Honey, that’s no lie.”

2. First Dance: “As Long as You Love Me”

“I don’t care who you are / Where you’re from / What you did / As long as you love me.”

3. First Dance: “Anywhere for You”

“I’d walk halfway around the world / For just one kiss from you / Far beyond the call of love / The sun, the stars, the moon / As long as your love is there to lead me / I won’t lose my way, believe me / Even through the darkest night / I’d go anywhere for you / Anywhere you asked me to / I’d do anything for you / Anything you want me to.”

4. First Dance: “No One Else Comes Close”

“No one else comes close to you / No one makes me feel the way you do / You’re so special, girl, to me / And you’ll always be eternally / Every time I hold you near / You always say the words I love to hear / Girl with just a touch, you can do so much / No one else comes close.”

5. First Dance: “Yes I Will”

“This is no ordinary love / And I can never have enough / Of all the things you’ve given to me / My heart , my soul, my everything / Every night I thank you lord (I thank you lord) / For giving me the strength to love her more / And more each day I promise her / As long as I hear those three words / Yes I will, take your hand and walk with you / Yes I will, say these three words I promise to / Yes I will, give you everything you need / And someday start a family with you.”

6. First Dance: “I Promise You (With Everything I Am)”

“I promise you / From the bottom of my heart / I will love you till death do us part / I promise you as a lover and a friend / I will love you like I never love again / With everything I am.”

7. Mother/Son Dance: “The Perfect Fan”

“You showed me / When I was young just how to grow / You showed me everything that I should know / You showed me how to walk without your hands / ‘Caise mom, you always were the perfect fan / God has been so good / Blessing me with the family / Who did all they could / And I’ve had many years of Grace / And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face / I wanna thank you for what you’ve done / In hopes I can give back to you / And be the perfect son.”What do you think?

8. Dance Songs: “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

9. Dance Songs: “We’ve Got it Goin’ On”

10. Dance Songs: “Larger Than Life”

11. Dance Songs: “It’s Gotta Be You”

12. Dance Songs: “Everyone”

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