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A Harry Potter Wedding Proposal

After meeting and falling in love in college, Jaquie, a Harry Potter fanatic, introduced Rachel to the wonderful wizarding world through endless movie marathons. When Rachel decided to propose, she knew she wanted to incorporate Jaquie's love of Harry Potter in the proposal. She came up with the idea to present Jaquie with a Quidditch set, where the Golden Snitch would open to reveal the engagement ring. Anthony Albano of CustomMade (remember the epic Star Wars engagement ring they created?) brought her vision to life by designing the incredible Quidditch set! Rachel even set up an indoor Quidditch pitch, complete with hooped goal posts.

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Rachel also framed two pages from the series - one about Quidditch, and another from the moment we learned why Snape really was good - with the memorable quote reflecting Snape's everlasting love for Lily. The pages now hang on their living room wall.

Here's to hoping they throw a Harry Potter-themed wedding as well!

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