10 Craziest Places Couples Got Married This Year

Apparently, getting married in a traditional wedding hall is so 2011. Check out 10 of the strangest places couples decided to tie the knot this year.

1. 1. In 23 Different Places

Think about all of the joy, energy and resources that went into planning your wedding. Now, imagine going through that experience not once, but 23 times. It sounds like a fantasy (or a nightmare, depending on who you ask), but this is actually one couple’s reality.

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2. 2. On Jet Packs

Talk about making a grand entrance! After planning dozens of weddings as a planner, Amanda Volf knew she wanted to do something truly unique for her own nuptials. That’s why she and her groom, Grant Engler, rented $90,000 water-powered jet packs to fly into their Newport Beach wedding.

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3. 3. On Twitter

This year, Turkish groom Cengizhan Çelik, a social media editor, and his bride, Candan Canik, became the first couple to get married through Twitter. While gathered in a room with their officiant and witnesses, the officiant carried out full the ceremony on Twitter — including the bride and groom tweeting out their vows.

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4. 4. In a Cemetery

One issue so many couples struggle with is how to honor a deceased relative at the wedding. Diane Waller and Randy Kjarland, whose parents are buried in the same cemetery, decided to honor their mothers by holding the wedding at their headstones.

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5. 5. At a Gas Station

Photographer Nick Hannes stumbled upon an unusual sight while visiting Greece — a wedding at a gas station. To cut costs, Anna and Christos Karalis held their reception at the station owned by the groom, where they danced the night away with their friends and family. A family member told Hannes, “This is how we respond to the crisis … A Greek keeps on laughing and celebrating, even when his money is being taken away.

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6. 6. 900 Feet Above the Ground

With its awe-inspiring views and intimate, serene vibe, the South Peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia is a stunning place to tie the knot — if you’re daring enough to climb up to the 900-foot summit.

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7. 7. At an Abandoned Insane Asylum

Married for 25 years, Alesia and Rob Conover decided to renew their vows in an abandoned mental hospital, the Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane. “They told us 25 years ago that we were crazy, and here we are,” said Alesia.

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8. 8. At a Star Trek Convention

While attending the Destination Star Trek London convention earlier this year, ultimate Trekkies Jossie Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson donned traditional Starfleet garb and exchanged vows in a Klingon wedding ceremony.

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9. 9. Aboard the Vegas Wedding Wagon

Forget drive-through chapels — the hottest new trend is curbside weddings. For just $99, the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon will marry you in 15 minutes, max, at your desired location (the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is a crowd-pleaser). Stephanie and Kelly Tucker were the Wedding Wagon’s first customers.

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10. 10. Inside a True Value Hardware Store

For a couple who met in the paint aisle of True Value, it was only fitting for Eva James and Daryl Pittman to hold their wedding in the same location. “We were joking around about getting married, ‘Oh let’s do some redneck wedding.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, baby. We should just get married at True Value.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we should,’” Eva said. They even cut a wedding cake and did a bouquet toss amidst the barbecue grills and tools as family, friends, employees, and customers looked on.

Bridal Guide / Via bridalguide.com

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