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    25 Invaluable Life Lessons We've Learned From Cookie On "Empire"

    The streets ain't made for everybody, that's why they made sidewalks.

    1. Command a room from the moment you enter it.

    2. Always dress to impress, whether in the boardroom...

    3. ...or the prison yard.

    4. Demand respect.

    5. Don't be afraid to call people out on their bullshit.

    6. Especially if they're being a hater.

    7. And if you need to, put them in their place.

    8. Actually, always put people in their place.

    9. Make sure everyone knows what you're capable of.

    10. But also, know your limits.

    11. Show your soft side every once in a while.

    12. Coin a catchphrase...

    13. Or two.

    14. Share your wisdom with the world.

    15. Seriously, drop wisdom bombs whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    16. Dance what you feel.

    17. And say what you feel.

    18. But also know how to get your message across with just one look.

    19. Try to accept people for who they are.

    20. Know that owning your sexuality can be a powerful thing.

    21. But don't compromise your morals.

    22. Consider the power of prayer.

    23. Just know it might not solve all your problems.

    24. Put family first.

    25. And always stay true to yourself.