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    50 Unforgettable Reasons "Chelsea Lately" Was The Best Late-Night Talk Show

    A look back at some of the show's best moments before it goes away forever on August 26th.

    1. Chelsea had a no filter interview style.

    2. She always asked the hard-hitting questions.

    3. Even if it made her guests uncomfortable.

    4. Sometimes they played along.

    5. Sometimes they fought back.

    6. And other times they just got naked.

    E! / Via

    7. She told it like it is.

    8. Even when it came to her own job.

    9. She's been over the show for a while.

    E! / Via

    She told Gwyneth Paltrow working at E! was like "being confined to a wheelchair without any wheels."

    10. She sometimes took breaks in the middle of the show.

    11. And once handed it off to Lindsay Lohan.

    12. And Khloe Kardashian.

    13. Speaking of Kardashians, she didn't back away from taking on the keepers of the E! kingdom.

    14. But then there were times when she was actually...profound?

    15. She gave solid advice.

    E! / Via

    This was to Austin Mahone, re: Taylor Swift.

    16. Okay, maybe semi-solid advice.

    E! / Via

    17. She introduced us to words like "coslopus" and "shadoobie"

    E! / Via

    Please see Urban Dictionary if you need context.

    18. Of course, there's her love of alcohol.

    19. No, she really loves it.

    20. She would even die for it.

    21. She doesn't trust those who don't imbibe.

    22. And She's Not Afraid To Tell Them

    23. Or encourage them.

    24. Again, she would die for it.

    25. She really brought the best out of her guests.

    26. There's her relationship with her "assistant," Chuy.

    27. They have a real rapport.

    28. He'd do anything "Miss Chelsea" asked him to do.

    29. Chelsea had a willingness to open up her life to her audience

    30. She was always sex positive.

    31. Always.

    32. She was a backwards kind of role model.

    33. She always owned up to her reputation.

    34. And set the record straight.

    35. She talked about the realities of celebrity.

    36. Then, there's her favorite insult.

    37. She wasn't afraid to talk about her emotions.

    38. Or, show them.

    39. She tested her staff.

    40. And Herself

    41. She was kind of (not really) the white Oprah.

    42. She was never afraid to push the envelope for a joke.

    43. And she had a unique take on pop culture.

    44. She handled "animal expert" segments just like we would.

    45. She shared our same dreams.

    46. Our hopes.

    47. Our feelings.

    48. And our interests.

    49. She was always "thoughtful."

    50. And she was always, unapologetically, Chelsea.

    E! / Via

    Here's to you, Chels. We'll see you on Netflix.

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