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    Posted on Sep 28, 2014

    45 Times Oprah Really, Really Loved Gardening

    Judging by her Instagram, the self-made billionaire's greatest accomplishment is her garden.

    1. When these flowers kind of bloomed.

    2. When she gave Carrie Underwood a tree.

    3. When she planted an insane amount of roses.

    4. When basil brought her joy.

    5. When she shared her first harvest.

    6. When she carefully arranged her herbs.

    7. When she waited for corn.

    8. When she confessed organic farming was her passion.

    9. When she took her first gardening selfie.

    10. When she boasted that her hydrangeas were all bigger than her head.

    11. When she held a bushel over her head to prove she's not a liar.

    12. When she educated us on rose names.

    13. When she did some #ColorPurple promo.

    14. When she convinced a hotel to plant a tree in her honor.

    15. When she took time to pose with someone else's sugarcane.

    16. When she roped her trainer into carrying her harvest, er, "veggie loot."

    17. When she confessed she can't eat everything she grows.

    18. When she shoved her face full of baby tomatoes.

    19. When she reminded us she just loves gardening, even though we already know.

    20. When she proved she's a farm-to-table advocate.

    21. When she combined gardening and bargain shopping.

    22. When she was beaming with pride over her apples.

    23. When she posed like this while surrounded by flowers.

    24. When she made this floral arrangement ... for Fergie.

    25. When she threw us a curveball by posing with fresh farm eggs.

    26. When she took this artsy photo of her tree.

    27. When she followed up that picture with this picture.

    28. When she wasn't afraid to go makeup free to show off her harvest.

    29. When she almost couldn't see over her harvest.

    30. When she promised to make us veggie soup.

    31. When she promised to make us sorbet.

    32. When she put together a welcome basket for her new neighbors, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

    33. When she posted her first video from her second garden ... in Hawaii.

    34. When we met Kalikiano and Paul.

    35. When she insinuated that there were fake tomatoes out there.

    36. When she beamed with pride over her avocados.

    37. When she brought her plants on a plane.

    38. When she went outside with wet hair to harvest.

    39. When her caption read more like a grocery list.

    40. When it looked like her backyard was a jungle.

    41. When she cheesed out over some strawberries.

    42. When she literally stopped to smell the roses.

    43. When it looked like her basket was too heavy.

    44. When Stedman got in on the gardening fun.

    45. When she became a florist.

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