Watch This Bicyclist Bring A Forgotten City Back To Life With His Insane Skills

This guy is NOT human!

1. In the video below, Danny MacAskill takes his riding back to the roots of trial riding, exploring the forgotten town of Epecuén in Argentina, a location that has been submerged for the majority of the past 25 years.

Reddit / Via

2. A drone was used to get all the aerial shots seen in the video. According to Danny, the purpose of the drone was to help put Epecuen into perspective and bring the location to life.

Red Bull / Via

3. The drone was able to capture him jumping across two buildings…

Red Bull / Via

(No big deal.)

4. Flipping off of forgotten ramps…

Red Bull / Via

5. And bunny hops like you’ve never seen them before.

Red Bull / Via

6. This dude is badass.

Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull


7. Overall, it seemed like a pretty successful trip for Danny and the Red Bull crew.

Red Bull / Via

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