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This Daughter Is Trying To Get A Date For Her Mom

Diane Hoit hasn't been on a date in 10 years. Her daughter is trying to change that. And honestly: Who wouldn't want to #DateDiane?

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Meet Diane.

Diane Hoit / Via Facebook

And Diane's daughter, Kate.

Albany Times Union / Via

Diane's husband (and Kate's dad) went to live in a home 10 years ago after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. These days, Bill hardly recognizes Diane. She goes and sees him in the hospital every week and brings him gummy bears. She still really loves him, but Kate worries about her mom getting too lonely.

So Kate's trying to find her mom a date ...

Attention Twitter. I'm launching a campaign to get my mom a date in the next 48 hours in #Albany, NY. #DateDiane #pleaseRT

Meet Diane (on the right). Looking for: Must be 60-70 yr old. Funny. And flexible? (Don't ask) #DateDiane

And she's telling the world exactly why you should #DateDiane.

Why should you #DateDiane? She's pretty funny. Says the word "shitty" a lot. Good dancer. Can't cook though.

Why you should #DateDiane? She's pretty classy. Her dresses match her shoes which match her bracelets.

Why you should #DateDiane? She's got moves. #albany #ny

Kate says Diane loves dancing, hockey and music. And because Diane and Kate live in different states, Kate wants to find Diane a date quick, before she has to leave her mom alone again.

And it's not like there's any shortage of reasons to like Diane.

Why you should #DateDiane? She was awarded the Golden Apple award for her work w/Schenectady City School District!

Why should you #DateDiane? Because her favorite song is "My Girl" by the Temptations.And she's basically sunshine ☀️

Why you should #DateDiane? Because she keeps it real.

Good luck, Kate and Diane!

If you or someone you know seems like a nice, upstanding gentleman perfect for Diane, email

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