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    16 Dog Breeds Anyone Who Lives In An Apartment Should Consider

    Small pups for a small place.

    Last year I adopted a super-active, highly-energetic Australian Shepherd while living in an apartment. I quickly realized he needed and deserved more space. Not all dog breeds do well in small spaces, but here are a few that do.

    Brianna Holt

    Now Shiloh is living the good life with my mom back in Texas in a large house, sitting on two acres.

    1. Basenji

    Derepente / Getty Images

    This barkless breed is super small in height and weight, typically only reaching 18 inches tall and 25 pounds. No more worrying about complaints from your neighbors about all the noise.

    2. Bichon Frise

    Pekic / Getty Images

    This super-furry breed is full of energy, but because of their small size, doesn't need a ton of room to move around. Only reaching a foot at the most, they make the perfect canine for a tight space.

    3. Bulldog

    Olga_sweet / Getty Images

    Considered to be one of the laziest dog breeds out there, the bulldog rarely grows any taller than 18 inches high. This gentle pup only needs a quick walk down the street and back to keep them happy for the day.

    4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Fotyma / Getty Images

    This super loyal breed can get pretty attached to their owner and crave tons of attention. Small spaces are perfect for them because they love to stay close to human interaction.

    5. Chinese Crested

    Fotojagodka / Getty Images

    This breed is extremely low maintenance and does not require much activity. They spend most of their day laying down and resting. Perfect for anyone who needs a Netflix cuddle buddy.

    6. Coton de Tulear

    @Lifeofladybug / Via

    This super friendly breed is small in size and has low exercise needs. Staying in for a day will not result in them tearing up your place while looking for things to do. Double win.

    7. Dachshund

    Valbar / Getty Images

    This breed is known for their super short legs, which allows them to be exercised indoors, if even needed. They love to cuddle and become quite active when they’re playing with you, but they’re quick to calm back down when you’re all done.

    8. French Bulldog

    Damedeeso / Getty Images

    This super small breed makes for the perfect watchdog because they rarely bark without reason. Their small size and low energy needs will make them the perfect fit for your tight space.

    9. Italian Greyhound

    Claudiio Doenitz / Getty Images

    This breed is extremely calm and satisfied after a short walk outside. Their friendly nature and small size is great for the smallest of small places.

    10. Maltese

    Bojan89 / Getty Images

    This friendly breed is perfect for anyone sharing a space because they do not shed. No more complaining roommates! However, this affectionate pup does suffer from separation anxiety and is best for a busy apartment where someone is frequently home.

    11. Pomeranian

    Nadiacomingsoon / Getty Images

    Although this dog can do a ton of barking, early training can put that to a stop. A walk a day and some play time will keep this independent breed satisfied.

    12. Poodle

    Hobo_018 / Getty Images

    Toy and Miniature Poodles are the perfect size for anyone with a small space. They do not require a lot of activity, a walk will do, and they're extremely intelligent, making them incredibly easy to train.

    13. Pug

    Aleaimage / Getty Images

    Quiet, loyal, inactive, and petite. This breed is the epitome of an apartment dog. They can be super playful, but are just as excited to lay down with you when you need a break.

    14. Shih Tzu

    Alonaja / Getty Images

    This breed is perfect in every single way possible. Small size, calm temper, friendly to everyone, and loves resting on your lap.

    15. Toy Fox Terrier

    Wavetop / Getty Images

    This breed is the master of cuddling. Their toy size makes them perfect for any space and they're super easy to train.

    16. Yorkshire Terrier

    Alfribeiro / Getty Images

    I know what you're thinking. Isn't this dog pretty yappy? With some early training and socialization, this small breed does well indoors because of their slight need for exercise and their award-winning trait of affection.

    Please remember, all dogs have individual traits and this list only provides a general ruling of their personalities.


    While these breeds are awesome, there are lots of dogs in need of a home so if you're thinking of getting a dog, consider adoption!