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    16 Dog Breeds Anyone Who Lives In An Apartment Should Consider

    Small pups for a small place.

    Last year I adopted a super-active, highly-energetic Australian Shepherd while living in an apartment. I quickly realized he needed and deserved more space. Not all dog breeds do well in small spaces, but here are a few that do.

    1. Basenji

    2. Bichon Frise

    3. Bulldog

    4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    5. Chinese Crested

    6. Coton de Tulear

    7. Dachshund

    8. French Bulldog

    9. Italian Greyhound

    10. Maltese

    11. Pomeranian

    12. Poodle

    13. Pug

    14. Shih Tzu

    15. Toy Fox Terrier

    16. Yorkshire Terrier

    Please remember, all dogs have individual traits and this list only provides a general ruling of their personalities.

    While these breeds are awesome, there are lots of dogs in need of a home so if you're thinking of getting a dog, consider adoption!