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    Male Curve Modeling Is A Thing That Everyone Should Know About

    Yes, male curve modeling exists. As it should.

    1. Aside from modeling, Darnel Ghramm is an aspiring poet and talk show co-host that stays on top of all things relevant to culture.

    2. Scott Bayliss is as a newly-signed model and we're ready for his campaigns NOW!

    3. Raul Samuel is the KING of commercial and print modeling.

    4. When Peter Meyer isn't posing for a shoot, he can be found pursuing his other talents, like acting and writing.

    5. Ben Whit was the first plus size male model in the UK, according to his IG. YAAAAAS to breaking barriers!

    6. Cristian Paris spends most of his time in front of a camera or on a bike as a tour guide. We love a man who can do both.

    7. Nemar Parchment recently signed with IMG... That is all. *drops mic*

    8. And Zach Miko was the first brawn model to sign with IMG. A true legend.

    9. Steven Martin is giving us a LOOK all the way in Germany.

    10. Olivier Germán is making big moves in the fashion industry, and even bigger moves around the world as a traveler.

    11. Alex Frankel has an unforgettable look with his ginger lion-mane hair, but he also sings opera and teaches chess. #Cultured.

    12. You might recognize Brett Morse in some top men's fashion campaigns, or from the 2012 Olympics for discus throw.

    13. Cam Greaves has a cutting jawline, and haters will say it's contoured.

    14. Ben James is a signed model with a smile that could sell anything.

    15. AJ Buitendijk stays fashionably on time as a model by day and a DJ by night.

    16. Daniel Schneider is giving beard and top bun realness while serving serious looks.

    17. And Hannes Storm is bringing the grown and sexy feels and we're here for all of it!