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27 Plant-Inspired Tattoos That Will Make You Feel One With Nature

Whether they're colorful or black, these tattoos are beautiful beyond measure.

1. This beautiful lavender blossoming just in time for summer:

2. This upside-down tulip hanging on by a thread:

3. This simple, yet radiant, purple iris pumila:

4. This picturesque peony placed in the perfect spot:

5. This minimal, elegant flower that anyone can appreciate:

6. This cherry blossom and verse that make the perfect duo:

7. This cross wrapped in blossoming flowers and leaves:

8. This spot-on cherry blossom:

9. This adorable lavender sprig:

10. This diverse bouquet that captures every flower you can think of:

11. This simple and sweet eucalyptus:

12. These darling tiny flowers:

13. This geometric pinecone:

14. This rosey lil' cherry blossom tree:

15. And this dark lil' pine tree:

17. This luminous cherry blossom:

18. This brilliant orchid flower moon:

19. This cute and sweet little daisy:

20. And this cute and sweet lavender sprig:

21. This colorful dying chamomile:

22. This flamboyant golden beauty:

23. And this vibrant multicolored palm:

24. This dainty sunny sunflower:

25. And this super-tiny grevillea flower:

26. This insanely realistic pink flower:

27. And this extremely life-like leaf:
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