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    17 Amazingly Stunning Models We Need To See On The Next Cover Of Vogue

    We love Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, but we also love representation.

    1. Chen Lin's beautiful eyes and full lips are what the next Vogue cover needs.

    2. Du Juan is literally just sitting here and I somehow have chills.

    3. He Cong's innocent but daring gaze looks like a painting. HOW?!

    4. Hyunji Shin serves face without any effort and we are here for all of it.

    5. Soft but striking. That's Xiao Wen!

    6. I-Hua Wu doesn't have bad angles, and we wish.

    7. Jaclyn Yang has the contoured jawline and glittering eyes that we all dream of.

    8. Wang Xiao makes posing on one leg look fierce AF — your fave could never!

    9. Yada Villaret is the absolute definition of the word model.

    10. Yue Han is serving FACE in breathtaking, minimal makeup!

    11. Sure the photographer was great, but the real VIP is Siqi Chen's face.

    12. Not everybody can pull off this lip like Zhao Yan.

    13. Hansel Lee's poignant stare is our new approach to life.

    14. We recognize Leah Kim's sharp cheekbones anywhere.

    15. Emma Chavez beaming eyes and flawless skin make the perfect duo for any beauty ad.

    16. Thanks to Sabrina Imamura, we now know how to slay no-makeup makeup.

    17. Patiently waiting on the rest of Kiko Arai's Vogue covers.