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11 Signs You Are Obsessed With "Extreme Weight Loss"

Cuz watching a show about working out, is better than working out...

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1. You know when the contestant is going to be eligible for the skin removal surgery before they do.

2. You get the remote ready to fast forward before the weigh in because they always cut to commercial.

3. You cry when they show the contestant talking to their old self on the workout bench.

4. You love that Chris is the soft one and Heidi is the hard one.

5. You want to go to Denver just to climb Red Rocks

6. You know who in the audience of the reveal is getting a free boot camp coupon.

7. You compare the contestants' body to yours when they are around your own weight.

8. You get mad when the contestants' family doesn't support them on their journey and cry when they do.

9. You thought Chris was talking to you when he said stop eating junk and get up off the couch.

10. You wonder if the contestant really didn't know they were picked by Chris during the opening.

11. You consider running a 5k every week but then don't.

Oh well, there's always next summer...

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