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    We Stalked U2's Most Dedicated Fan

    To ask him some questions about the two (two!) cars he's used to express his love for the band.

    There is a man in Brooklyn. He drives a Mini Cooper. And on top of it, he boldly proclaims his love for Irish rockers U2. It's something.

    All photos Martin Høedholt
    Martin Høedholt
    Martin Høedholt

    His name is Martin Høedholt, and we may or may not have very creepily put a note under his windshield wiper when we spotted his car in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope recently. (That's Martin with his baby on the right.) We just had to know more about the owner of this gem.

    And more about the guy who could manage such an incredible feat of parking.

    Martin Høedholt

    So we asked Martin if he'd answer some questions about himself and his "U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 Rocks" Mini Cooper. He very kindly obliged.

    Martin lives in Brooklyn, but is originally from Horsens in Jutland, Denmark. He moved to the States in 2011. The "U2 Rocks" Mini Cooper he drives now is the second "U2 Rocks" Mini Cooper he's owned.

    Martin Høedholt
    Martin Høedholt

    Martin (left) with his best friend Morten at a U2 concert in Horsens, Denmark. He drove the "U2 Rocks" Mini to the show and received tons of compliments on it, he says.

    The first he had done in Denmark. When he moved to the States, he bought another Mini, and before he even picked it up he had the "U2 Rocks" text he personally designed affixed to the top of it.

    "I discovered U2 late," Martin tells BuzzFeed Music. "Back in High school, a friend named Krogh introduced me to the albums The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. I liked the music right away, and shortly after U2 introduced the album Pop, which I bought right away. Since then I have expanded my collection to all previous albums, and have grown with them through their releases."

    Martin works as an information management consultant, and travels a lot for his job. "In the middle of the night I woke up in my hotel room in London and scratched down several ideas on how to design a cool U2 text on the roof of a Mini Cooper to show the world my fan commitment, but also spread the good tunes," he says. "It might seem crazy for most, but anyway."

    There's more to Martin's "U2 Rocks" Mini than meets the eye.

    Martin Høedholt

    In addition to his consultant work, Martin is working with his wife to bring Danish hot dogs to the U.S. through a company the two have started called Revolving Dansk. They throw pop-up events throughout the city. "I have tested the limit of how many hot dogs I can stuff into coolers in my Mini," says Martin. "360 pounds or 2000 hot dogs. Amazing!"

    Martin's "U2 Rocks" Mini isn't just a traveling love note to Bono and Co., it's also a meat palace on wheels.

    You can frequently see Martin's "U2 Rocks" car in the fan forums on the band's website.

    Martin Høedholt

    "U2 is a band you never get tired of listening to, and is the best live band I have ever heard," Martin says. "Actually, they're the only band [where] I prefer to listen to the live records instead of the studio records -- there is more soul and [it's] more authentic."

    Martin doesn't understand iPhone users' anger over the free U2 album they received on their phones earlier this year.

    Martin Høedholt

    "It was the best gift and I don’t understand people complaining about it. They had to actively download it if they wanted it," Martin says. He thinks Songs of Innocence is one of U2's best. "Especially the acoustic songs on the deluxe version."

    He's not the only one who feels this way. Rolling Stone recently named Songs of Innocence the best album of 2014. Martin insists he doesn't work at the magazine. "I have nothing to do with Rolling Stone, just a private person with a passion for U2."

    Here's the mock up of Martin's "U2 Rocks" design should you want to put it one on the roof of your own Mini Cooper.

    Martin Høedholt

    You'll want to adjust the size if you drive a bigger car.

    It's a beautiful day.

    U2, "It's a Beautiful Day" video