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    Premiere: Marina And The Diamonds Get "Happy" In Uplifting New Video

    This song sneaks up on you.

    Marina and the Diamonds, who BuzzFeed Music readers are already well acquainted with, released "Happy" on Friday, and saw the song shoot up to No. 6 on iTunes and pull over half a million YouTube views almost immediately.

    Photo by Charlotte Rutherford

    It's not hard to see hear why. It very well could be the most understated and subtle song about being "Happy" ever recorded — a real tearjerker. (Don't worry — it's a good cry.)

    We are happy (!) to premiere the video for Marina and the Diamonds spectacular "Happy" on BuzzFeed Music today.

    "Happy" is the first track on Marina's upcoming album Froot, which will be released on April 6, 2015.

    It starts with the Welsh-born singer Marina Diamandis crooning over languid piano chords. Quickly a mood is established that seems antithetical to the song's title.

    But then more instruments join and the drum brushes kick in, giving the song some pace.

    Marina's beautiful and poignant "Happy" lyrics start to come into focus.

    And soon you feel uplifted.

    Yeah. A bit like that.

    You'll probably hear this song covered a lot next year.

    The video is directed by Paul Caslin, who does the acoustic videos for Marina on every record.

    Watch "Happy" by Marina and the Diamonds now:

    View this video on YouTube


    Then sing along while looking Marina in the eyes.