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    Photographic Evidence Mick Jagger Has Huge Rolling Stones

    Never-Before-Seen photos of the Stones and Beatles can be yours!

    Bob Bonis tour managed The Rolling Stones and The Beatles from 1964 - 1966. With his unequaled access, he shot lots of candid, behind-the-scenes photos of the groups. Those photos have sat unseen in his private collection for nearly 50 years.

    Bonis' photos offer a peek at the British Invasion from a rare angle -- inside it. This photo of John Lennon was taken backstage in '66 at a Beatles concert in St. Louis.

    The photos have never been public until now.

    And they're revealing.

    Oh, so revealing.

    Like this one of a young Mick Jagger hanging pool side in Florida on the Stones' Satisfaction Tour.

    Or this one of him sizing up the competition.

    There are a few photos of the guys just chillin' pre-gig sippin' suds.

    Suds on suds on suds.

    And Bonis got some great performance shots from up close.

    Bonis even caught Mick in his very mysterious and rarely discussed ventriloquism phase, which not many people know about.

    The never-before-seen photos are up for sale now on eBay.

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