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The Ultimate Guide To Inserting Yourself Into A Conversation

Conversations don't have to be hard.

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Conversations. You've seen them, you've read about them, but how do you go about joining one? Harder still, how do you join a conversation already in progress without stalling or stopping it all together? While it may seem difficult, effectively joining a conversation can be quick and easy. All you need is to believe in yourself and to carefully follow these instructions exactly. Each one of the following methods is guaranteed to get you saying "goodbye" to quiet sitting and "hello" to other human beings.

1. The Laugh

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One of the easiest types of conversations to enter is a lighthearted one. If you're at a party and you see a group of people talking and smiling, chances are they are having a lighthearted conversation. Wait for the group to start laughing, then you can make your move. As you walk up, start laughing. It doesn't matter if you know why they're laughing. They will see you laughing too, assume you've been apart of the conversation the whole time, and continue the lighthearted discussion with you in the mix.

HOT TIP: The harder the laugh, the better. Cry and slap your knees to really sell that you a.) heard the funny and b.) think it's funny.

2. The Slide

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While the "Laugh" is about quickly pouncing on an opportunity, the "Slide" is all about keeping it slow and steady. First, sidle near the conversation you'd like to enter. Next, very slowly start to slide into the eye line of the people conversing. If you go too fast, you can scare people away. A gradual slide is key. By the time they notice you, you'll have been apart of the conversation so long, you can easily contribute to what they were talking about.

HOT TIP: Try wearing high resistance heelies for an extra smooth, extra slow slide.

3. The Trip

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Simply trip into someone having a conversation. Be sure to hold a drink or a plate of chunky salsa while you do it. Spilling food or drinks on a person is a great ice breaker. The bigger the mess, the more cleanup time you have to apologize and endear yourself to the group.

HOT TIP: Always say something like "Oops!" or "I didn't plan this!" when you implement this method. If people find out it was a calculated move, they WILL turn against you.


4. The Invisible Elevator

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Crawl on the ground like a baby into the middle of a circle of people talking. Next, assume a crouching position while carefully remaining unseen. Now the fun part. Say "Going up!" in an old timey radio announcer voice and slowly rise into the group's eyeline. If you are greeted by smiling faces you've successfully joined the conversation. If you see frowns, ride the elevator back down and crawl to safety!

HOT TIP: Wear a bellhop cap for an extra dash of fun!

5. The "Have You Seen My Daughter?"

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If you're looking to make a strong first impression, this is the method for you! Simply burst into the conversation of your choosing while screaming "My daughter!!!! Have you seen my daughter!?!?" Not only will you catch everyone's attention, you'll also gain their sympathy. After a few minutes of describing the details of what you believe to be a kidnapping, dial down the hysterics and try steering the conversation into a new topic.

HOT TIP: Phrases like "How's your day going?" and "What else is going on?" are good ways to change the subject from kidnapped children.

6. The "Open Up A Box Of Bees"

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This method works best in small, enclosed spaces like apartments or funeral homes. All you need to do is open up a box of angry bees. Once the box of bees is opened and chaos takes over, lead the other party goers to safety. Once everyone is outside, or in a pre-prepared bee-proof tent, you'll have plenty to discuss with the group. Best of all, you'll have a built in conversation starter: "Whoa, what was with all those bees, right?"

HOT TIP: Try shaking the box of bees before opening to make sure they feel like swarming.

7. The "Cause a Natural Disaster on the Opposite Side of the World"

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Tragedy brings people closer together. Even better, a distant tragedy brings people together without directly affecting anyone's good time. Hearing about a faraway natural disaster let's everyone connect on a human level—it's an instant ice breaker! Unfortunately, massive earthquakes and tornados don't happen everyday. That's why there's black magic. With just a simple incantation and blood sacrifice, you can be on your way to breaking the bad news while breaking into a great conversation.

HOT TIP: Choose a faraway place to conjure a natural disaster. If you're in Australia, try a tsunami in Alaska. If you're in Japan, have a meteor hit England. Be creative!