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    • briani4c9574f4e

      I have read with interest J K Rowlings diatribe in favour of the continued occupation of my country. Firstly I would say that Ms Rowling has every right to her opinion and even to publicly state that opinion misguided as it may well be. Where she has crossed the line is in taking sides to the tune of £1,000,000 on either side. That amounts to 2 thirds of the entire permitted budget for the entire campaign. Way to bolster democracy Jo. Scotland currently is suffering under a Southern English Conservative government. These people hold power here yet have absolutely no mandate to rule in Scotland. It has been pointed out that we have more Giant pandas than Tory MP’s in Scotland.
      As for Nationalists being deatheaters Ms Rowling really should read her own work. The entire act of union could be a straight lift from lord Voldemorts handbook. Lets not carry on with the fiction that the act of union has ever worked, it was brought about through treachery and lies and the bribery of the already angliscised scots aristocracy. The union has been around for 300 years, now here is the challenge for Ms Rowling and the rest of the no campaign. Show us the benefits. Show us the tangible positive effects of this union. Stop lying and making up “facts”, stop making threats just show us how we have gained from this 300 year old disaster.

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