21 Signs You’re Woody From “Toy Story” In Your Group Of Friends

They really have a Type A friend in you.

1. You’re always the one in charge of making plans whenever you guys go out:

Pixar/ Disney

But it’s mainly because you’re a natural leader.

2. Whenever one of your friends has a problem, you are the first one they turn to:

Pixar/ Disney

3. And, yes, you are good at putting up with your friends’ bullshit:

Pixar/ Disney / Via brazzledazzledisney.tumblr.com

4. But, you also aren’t afraid to call them out (when you have to):

Pixar/ Disney

5. Or be brutally honest with them (when you have to be):

Pixar/ Disney / Via wordpress.com

6. You hate it when one of your friends steals your thunder:

Pixar/ Disney

7. You’re also not down with people making fun of you:

Pixar/ Disney / Via i.kinja-img.com

8. You also don’t handle criticism very well:

Pixar/ Disney

Even if it’s constructive.

9. Sometimes you can be a little overdramatic when things don’t go your way:

Pixar/ Disney / Via wifflegif.com

10. In fact, you don’t hide your feelings well:

Pixar/ Disney / Via giphy.com

11. Whenever you get into a fight with a friend, you know that being a little snarky is the best way to handle it:

Pixar/ Disney

12. For the most part, everyone knows not to get on your bad side:

Pixar/ Disney

‘Cause they’re kinda intimidated by you.

13. Being overly affectionate isn’t your thing:

Pixar/ Disney

In fact, it makes you feel awkward:

Pixar/ Disney / Via tumblr.com

14. But when you are affectionate it’s genuine:

Pixar/ Disney

15. You always know how to make an entrance:

Pixar/ Disney / Via i.kinja-img.com

Even if nobody is looking.

16. You’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself to get a laugh:

Pixar/ Disney / Via forum.dvdtalk.com

17. Or to look foolish on the dance floor:

Pixar/ Disney

18. You’re always eager to meet new people:

Pixar/ Disney / Via favim.com

19. When it comes to having a crush, you’re a total goofball:

Pixar/ Disney / Via favim.com

20. The bond with your friends is so deep, you don’t even need words:

Pixar/ Disney / Via mickeyandminnie.tumblr.com

21. But above all, you’re a loyal and true friend…

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