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    21 Signs Chandler Bing From "Friends" Is Your Spirit Animal

    Could you two BE any more alike?

    1. Taking photos isn't really your thing:

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    2. You tend to put your foot in your mouth, a lot:

    3. When it comes to love, you've pretty much convinced yourself that there is nobody out there for you...

    4. ... but somehow that doesn't stop you from looking for the perfect one:

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    5. You know that it's important to treat yourself after a rough day:

    6. Sometimes you tend to ramble on too much:

    7. You're the funniest person you know...

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    8. ... and you know that there's never a bad or awkward time to make a joke:

    9. You've caught yourself more than once saying something you thought out loud:

    NBC / Via

    10. You know better than to get too introspective with yourself:

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    11. And you've totally come to grips with your self-hate:

    12. For you more is always better:

    13. Avoiding uncomfortable conversations is kind of your thing:

    14. You've got your own secret happy dance that you do when nobody's looking:

    NBC / Via

    15. Sex life? That's pretty much non-existent:

    16. Having an existential crisis is sort of a regular occurrence in your life:

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    17. You're always up on the latest technology:

    18. You've gone through some great and/or embarrassing lengths to run into your crush:

    19. Every once in awhile you're not afraid to be a big kid:

    20. Dealing with your own or other people's emotions is always an awkward situation:

    NBC / Via

    21. Most importantly, you know there is NOTHING sarcasm can't fix:

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