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18 Little Victories Everyone With Siblings Has Experienced

These will just make sense.

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1. Whenever you were sneaky and delegated your chores to one of your siblings:

2. Whenever you made sure your siblings learned the hard way not to cross you:

3. When you convinced them to make a decision that actually benefited you more than them:

4. Whenever you had to mark your food territory in the most shameless way possible:

5. When you became your parents' favorite at the most opportune moment possible, and you just HAD to rub it in:

6. When you not only could call their tattle-tale bluff, but you could do it without any repercussions:

ThinkFilm / Via Twitter: @waynedbonner14

7. Whenever the tables unexpectedly turned and they suddenly started being nice to you...but you knew something was UP:

8. Whenever you were able to reassert your authority by subtly issuing a threat to them in front of your parents:

#growinguptheoldest #growingupwithsiblings When you lightly bump into your younger sibling in front of your parents.

9. Whenever you were able to artfully shift the blame away from you to them (it's a SKILL):

Fox / Via

10. When you could hold something over your siblings' heads and you knew it was killing them:

11. When you were forced by your mom to share a toy, but you still were able to fuck with your siblings:

12. When somehow ALL of your siblings closed ranks and decided not to tattle on each other:

When your mom asks you to tell you which of your siblings did it. #GrowingUpWithSiblings

13. Whenever you got to "babysit" and all of a sudden you felt like you had all the power in the world:

14. When schadenfreude struck and your sister didn't get to go on that playdate, and rubbing it in felt oh-so-good:

Disney/ @Wendy_Tambry / Via

15. When this is the face your sibling makes when they call shotgun but your parents make them sit in the back anyway:

16. When your mom finally allows you to go to the movies without your siblings:

17. When you get the last word and pay back one of your siblings when they got you in trouble:

18. And finally, whenever this MIRACLE happened:

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