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    17 Hilarious Tweets That Prove People Need To Stop Sleeping On Disney+'s "Encore!"

    "Joker is for little, empty-headed babies. If you want to see something truly bleak and psychologically disturbing, watch Encore! on Disney+."


    The new High School Musical episode of Encore on Disney+ has more drama than the first episode of the Bachelor and I'm completely here for it 😂


    Can you believe they gave Belle in Disney Plus’ Encore a better yellow dress than the live action Beauty and the Beast film.


    my therapist almost never gives advice but today she told me I would like ENCORE on Disney+..... WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEEEAN


    “Joker” is for little, empty-headed babies. If you want to see something truly bleak and psychologically disturbing, watch Encore! on Disney+.


    I fully believe psychologists will study Encore! on Disney+ at some point in the next decade. You can’t go back to high school, but you sure can hold on to your high school trauma for 20 years!


    What Encore! has done to push the boundaries of married midwesterners by forcing them to awkwardly stage kiss their past lovers/ dabble in some G-rated Disney adultery? That’s art, babes.


    Would love for someone to do a study on the divorce rates of people featured in Encore on Disney+.


    Disney+ presents Encore! All Stars: Into the Woods


    the best part of encore on disney plus is when they get the kids on camera to say YEAH I THINK MY DAD'S GONNA SUCK


    The woman who plays Cha Cha in the Encore! GREASE on Disney+ is giving her "My name is Cha Cha because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadettes" the full Valarie Cherish treatment.


    Encore! on Disney+ dares to ask what if high school theater had good lighting


    The Annie Get Your Gun episode of Encore on Disney+ is a prime example of why theatre kids do not deserve rights


    I'm watching Encore on Disney+ and it's bringing back every high school theatre memory I've ever tried to bury. a cringey joy.


    Encore on Disney+ makes me feel so SEEN. Who knew theatre kids everywhere and from every generation are exactly the same ??? Miss my Fleske drama freaks


    okay but the designers of the musicals on disney’s encore are the real fucking superhero’s like... these costumes and sets


    Encore on Disney+ is so embarrassing but if I got a call asking me to reprise my role as bird girl #2 I’d still consider it


    DISNEY: Would you like to perform in a re-staging of your high school musical and also air your residual teenage horniness for the world to see? ENCORE CAST MEMBER: I'm an adult now, that's in the past [five minutes later when asked about hot guy in HS]

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