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    Tiny Toon's Banned Cartoon About The Dangers Of Drinking

    Tiny Toon's warned you about how your drinking could get out of hand.

    We’ve all been there, you're sitting around, bored and next thing you know you’re opening up a cold one.

    You know you shouldn’t, you gotta work tomorrow, plus you have been partying way too much lately. But, you tell yourself you can have one, no big deal. Right?

    Next thing you know you're telling your buddies that you are just going to have two max! You can’t get outta hand, you've been partying way too much. Also, you wanna get up early and go to the gym.

    All right, maybe you’ll have a third one. When do you get to hangout with your buddies? Plus, you’ve had a real stressful week at work and you deserve to relax. Right?

    Well the next thing you know the whole night is a blur.

    You’re an incoherent mess, but you feel great....

    Alright, be honest you're trying to hold your puke in.

    And the ladies ain't having it.

    Well a little "hair of the dog" or two or three won’t hurt. It's just to keep the edge off the hangover. Right?

    Now things are getting crazy, your drunk buddy is being a dumbass and talks you into joyriding with him in a police car.

    Then you ask “should your drunkass be driving?”

    You come to the sobering realization that drunk driving can cause an accident…

    And unfortunately, also death.

    This episode of “Tiny Toon Adventures”, titled “Elephant Issues” aired only once in 1991. Complied into three different segments, the third segement titled “One Beer” dealt with the dangers of alcohol.

    Complete "One Beer" cartoon:

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