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    17 Photos Of Toys From Your Childhood That'll Make You Say, "That's What They Look Like Now?!"

    Spoiler alert: Dream Phone is now more "Dream Text."

    1. Dream Phone: 1991 vs. 2017

    So the game looks pretty much the same, except now you get text messages instead of calls on what looks like an old Nokia 3310 (I don't even think you could text on those, TBH). I am sure the next version of the game will have a swipe left or right option.

    2. Fisher-Price Little People: 1965 vs. 2017

    To be fair, the Little People have gone through lots of design changes since the early-'90s. The current version does indeed resemble people though.

    3. Fisher-Price Little People Farm Play Set: 1968 vs. 2017

    Like the Little People, the Farm play set has also gotten a major makeover.

    4. Polly Pocket: 1989 vs. 2017

    Polly Pocket no longer has her iconic cases, but she still does fit in your pocket.

    5. Furby: 1998 vs. 2017

    The new Furby has (somehow) gotten even cuter.

    6. Super Soaker: 1991 vs. 2017

    The old Super Soaker looked like something you would've seen an '80s sci-fi movie, like Predator, while today's version has more of Star Wars prequel vibe.

    7. Strawberry Shortcake: 1980 vs. 2017

    So LBH, the old Strawberry Shortcake doll looks like her idea of wild time is drinking Sleepytime Tea with some extra honey in it, but she wasn't without her quaint charm. The new Strawberry Shortcake looks like she is ready to have a fun time with her friends at Sunday brunch.

    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1988 vs. 2017

    Today's TMNT figures have gotten a makeover to fit with what they look like on their updated series.

    9. Fisher-Price Grow With Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates: 1984 vs. 2017

    It now has sorta a '90s Nickelodeon aesthetic, which I am into.

    10. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone: 1961 vs. 2017

    They changed up the face and gave it some softer edges. Honestly, would toddlers today even know what a landline looks like?! Especially one with a rotary dial!

    11. Fisher-Price Medical Kit: 1977 vs. 2017

    No more briefcase! Everything now comes in a tote.

    12. Candy Land: '90s edition vs. 2017

    It went from looking like something out of a children's book to more of a CGI movie look.

    13. Bop It: 1996 vs. 2017

    They made it so that you can use it with only one hand...probably so that you can text and take selfies with the other.

    14. Twister: 1966 vs. 2017

    You're probably thinking, What the hell can they do to change Twister? Well, not much. But they have added gray graphics to the mat.

    15. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe: 1979 vs. 2017

    The Cozy Coupe has only had one major change: They added a face to it!

    16. Lite-Brite: 1967 vs. 2017

    Gone is the box with the lightbulb inside; it was replaced by a tablet with LED lights — so it basically looks more like an iPad.

    17. View-Master: '80s model vs. 2017

    So today's View-Master (along with having a kinda cool futuristic redesign) has had ONE major change to it. Now, instead of inserting discs, you just insert your smartphone inside of it and download View-Master apps.