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This Supercut Of "María La Del Barrio's" Soraya Montenegro Dramatically Yelling ‘Lárgate’ Is Epic

Surprisingly, “marginal” and “maldita lisiada” weren't Soraya's most uttered words.

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When it comes to campy over the top ‘90s telenovela villains, no one comes close to Soraya Montenegro de la Vega Montalban (portrayed perfectly by Itati Cantoral). She did it all from faking a pregnancy to killing her billionaire husband (for his money, of course), and, most disturbing of all, torturing her disabled stepdaughter.

But one thing Soraya did best, well above all else, is dramatically yell "¡LÁRGATE DE AQUI!" (Translation: GET OUT OF HERE!). You might be surprised just how many times she said it:

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