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This Photo Of Ryan Seacrest Shirtless In 1994 Is Amazing

Was Ryan a model for the International Male catalog?

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So this is probably the image that comes to mind when you think of Ryan Seacrest (circa 2014):

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The dapperly dressed host of American Idol.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment

Or maybe you remember him better from the early days of A.I., back in 2003, when he was all bronzer and blond highlights.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment

Or maybe, just maybe, you remember him from his days as a DJ for a radio station in Atlanta in 1993:

Rick Diamond/ Hulton Archive

But in 1994, this is what Ryan looked like:

Barry King / WireImage

One thing's for sure, he certainly knew how to work the smize:

Eat your heart out, Tyra.
Barry King / WireImage

Eat your heart out, Tyra.

All I have to say is:

Barry King / WireImage