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This Mash-Up Video Will Have You Crying Nostalgic Tears For 1994

* googles to see if time travel is possible *

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Remember how ICONIC 1994 was? Well, YouTube user ThePeterson will help you out with this amazing mashup of 1994's most amazing moments:

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It's easy to forget just what a awesome year it was. For starters, it was the year we bowed down to a new Disney King (of the box office)...


...and we learned why "life was like a box of chocolates."


It was also the same year that O.J. Simpson led us on low-speed car chase.

And TLC taught us what "creep" really meant...

Sony Music

....while Ace of Base showed us "the sign."

Sony Music

And of course, this was also the year we were introduced to some new friends that would be there for us.

Warner Bros. Television

Yup, 1994 was one crazy amazing year!

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