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    This Deleted "Hook" Scene Will Make '90s Kids Want To Watch The Movie All Over Again

    Yes, we've all grown up, but this movie will always make us feel like kids again!

    If you were a kid in the '90s, then you more than likely grew up watching and re-watching Steven Spielberg's classic 1991 film, Hook.

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    And huge part of the film's appeal wasn't just the late Robin William's performance as Peter Pan, but also the performances by the kids who played the Lost Boys. (And who didn't want to be a part of the group after watching the movie?)

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    Well, in this deleted scene appearing exclusively on BuzzFeed, we get to see the Lost Boys and Pan actually properly meet — with some of them introducing themselves to him. Also, we immediately learn that even Rufio is not brave enough to face Captain Hook:

    And while this is just a small scene, I do wish it had not been cut. Aside from it being a really nice introduction to the Lost Boys...

    Sony Pictures also fully establishes Pan's determination to the them that he'll do anything to save his kids from Captain Hook.

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    Hook is out on 4K Ultra HD (for the first time) and on Digital in 4K today! It also includes 10 more deleted scenes!!!

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