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    25 Outdated Things You'll Immediately Understand If You Were Alive In 1998

    Basically, 20 years ago was the Stone Age.

    1. Having to call the cable company in order to request a pay-per-view program or movie:

    2. Getting gift certificates (not cards) that resembled cash and usually came in booklets:

    3. Looking up movie reviews and facts in books:

    4. Signing up to your favorite artists's fan club through the mail:

    5. Watching a viral video on a VHS tape (usually bootleg copy):

    6. Having to wait for the newspaper to come in the morning to find out any news that wasn't covered on evening or nightly news:

    7. Looking for a job in the newspaper:

    8. Turning on The Weather Channel to find out what the weather was going to be, and hoping the local forecast was on:

    9. Copying a CD onto a cassette if you wanted to make a copy of an album you borrowed from a friend:

    10. Making doubles or triples of photos if you wanted share your pictures with friends or family members:

    11. Entering a contest through the mail:

    12. Carrying around rewards cards, if you wanted to get the rewards or points ('cause there was no way to look it up otherwise):

    13. Finding out the new items a store was about to carry through its newest catalog:

    14. Looking out for the commercial that would tell you when your favorite TV show was coming back:

    15. Only being able to see new trailers at the theater or ahead of a newly released VHS movie you rented:

    16. Barely ever using your cell phone, 'cause you only had about 60 minutes of talk-time a month:

    17. If you didn't have a cell phone then sneaking a message in (instead of saying your name) when calling collect:

    18. Having different types of photo film for different environments:

    19. Remembering to record your VHS tapes on either EP (if you wanted to get as many hours as you could from a tape) or SP (if you wanted to tape something in good quality):

    20. Calling Moviefone to find out what time movies were playing:

    21. Booking your flight over the phone:

    22. Having to buy a travel book whenever you were going somewhere new for the first time:

    23. Having to buy travelers checks if you were going to a foreign country (since a lot of places didn't accept credit cards):

    24. Getting a second phone line that was only dedicated to the internet (this was on top of the monthly internet fee):

    25. Having to carry around cash to pay for EVERYTHING since, basically, debit cards were for just pulling cash out of the ATM.