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    45 Things People Who Weren't Teens In The Late-'90s Will Never Understand

    It was the era of ill-fitting clothes

    1. The struggle that was making sure your siblings or parents didn't tape over a show you hadn't seen yet.

    2. How the best Snapple flavors ever were Elements (RIP).

    3. That MTV's Loveline was like the original Urban Dictionary (aka you learned a lot).


    4. How playing GoldenEye and Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64 was the cause of some major competitive fights with your friends.


    5. That these sandals were always worn with white socks (IT WAS A LOOK).

    6. How common it was to own soundtracks to movies you never even saw.

    Sony Music

    7. That the only acceptable backpack for school was a JanSport (worn one-strapped, of course).

    8. That you carried around a Wite-Out pen mainly to draw on dark surfaces (and sometimes to correct your work with).

    9. How guys had to wear colorful boxers 'cause their saggy pants were showing them most of the time.

    Joe Boxer/

    10. How Oakley's Eye Jackets were the coolest sunglasses you could own.

    11. That there was always a 90% chance of burning your mouth whenever eating a Bagel Bite after school.

    12. How heavenly Gap scents smelled.


    13. The surprise you got whenever you used these speakers on your family's computer because they were ALWAYS turned up way too high.

    14. That everyone had this screensaver:


    15. How getting one of these stereos for your room made you feel so cool.


    16. How everyone in your school had to go see Wild Things because it was ~scandalous~.

    Columbia Pictures

    17. That you would always pull this move when your battery was low on your portable CD player:

    18. That you really wanted a landline in your room so that you could get a cool phone for it.

    19. That JNCO Jeans were really only worn by kandi ravers.

    20. How every single graduation you went to played Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)."


    21. How exciting it was to circle items you wanted in catalogs in hopes your parents would see it and secretly buy it for you.

    22. How those baggy inky blue jeans faded badly after the first wash (no matter how careful you were washing them).

    23. The horrible amount of pilling you got on your itchy acrylic ski sweaters after wearing them just once.

    24. How stiff you had your hair at all times thanks to gel.

    25. That a Starter jacket was a wardrobe essential.

    26. How there was no cooler and sorta bougie denim brand than Levi's Silvertab — in medium stonewash, of course.

    27. That your breath wasn't minty fresh until it felt like you had burned a hole in your mouth with this:

    28. How everyone knew at least ONE kid who bragged that he owned this video:


    29. How these Starbucks drinks were probably the cause of your coffee addiction today.

    30. How much the entire bathroom smelled like Herbal Essences anytime you or your siblings used it.

    31. How uncomfortable these headphones were to use, even though they looked so cool:

    32. How you thought sponge painting...

    33. ...or painting your room with a color like "Honeydew Melon," was so chic and something you wouldn't get sick of.

    Valspar Paint/

    34. How jealous you felt of that one friend who had a TV (even if it was only a 13-inch screen) with a built-in VCR in their bedroom.

    35. The struggle of trying to keep your hair mascara color from getting all clumpy and gross.

    36. The struggle of trying to get highlights from Sun-In, but instead getting reddish streaks.

    37. Having several different color cases for your beeper so that you could match it with your outfit.

    38. That staying home sick from school meant one thing: an opportunity to watch all the craziness on Jerry Springer.

    NBCUniversal Television Distribution

    39. How Cliff's Notes were the original Wiki:

    40. The importance of going to the portrait studio at the mall and getting photos taken with your friends every few months.


    41. That the WB was where all your favorite teen shows aired.

    Sony Television

    42. How much everyone quoted Austin Powers.

    New Line Cinema

    43. That your parents probably didn't allow you to watch South Park 'cause they heard something about it on 20/20.


    44. That you rarely ever checked your email (since it wasn't really a thing).

    45. And finally, if you smoked, how you hid your weed in plastic film canisters.

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