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21 Pictures That Will Make Complete Sense To Anyone 27 Years Old And Up

"I don't think I was alive for that!" —Gen-Zer to you

1. How delicious these were and how they were taken from us too soon:

2. And how even though these destroyed the inside of your mouth, they were the best thing ever:

3. How the Warner Bros. Studio Store or the Limited Too was always the first store you would run to as a kid anytime you went to the mall:

4. How satisfying it was to end a call by slamming your Razr shut:

5. How you could compose an entire text in seconds using T9:

6. How amazing a brand new one of these smelled:

7. How this was the most soul-crushing moment whenever your VCR did this to your favorite movie:

8. How AIM or MSN Messenger were so important for your social life:

9. And how they were the original group chat:

10. How amazing the Game Boy Camera was:

11. How in 1999 there were Millennium editions of EVERYTHING:

12. How all video game controllers had cords that attached them to the console (which made it easy for people to trip on and totally ruin your game):

13. How you had to rush to the video store before midnight to drop off your rentals in order to avoid late fees:

14. How even though these only played 30-seconds of audio, it felt like the future of music:

15. How for like the first 10 years of your life this was what you thought of when someone said "big screen TV":

16. How you'd get gift certificates instead of gift cards:

17. How the hashtag was once known as the pound sign:

18. Or why we say "hang up the phone":

19. How you or your parents had to call the cable company in order to request a pay-per-view program or movie:

20. How there was, like, a 5-year window when it was like the Wild West when it came to downloading MP3s:

21. And finally, just how really revolutionary Myspace was: