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    21 Observations People Made About Things That Millennials Love That Are Both Funny And Too Real

    These hit a little too close to home (that we can't afford to buy).

    If you've spent any amount of time on Twitter then you've probably noticed one common trend among its users: they love to drag millennials.


    And in all honesty, we actually do a lot of things that are worthy of being made fun of!


    Below are some pretty good tweets of millennials being read about the things we "love" and, LBH, tea:


    Some one just said millennials love charcuterie boards and mimosas ‘cause we grew up on Lunchables and Sunny D ...and like they ain’t wrong

    Twitter: @jcorb_


    millennials love to talk in worried tones about the evils of facebook and how its poisoning their parents' brains and then spend 3 hours a day on instagram

    Twitter: @mbarber86


    millennials LOVE to be “pretty good at editing”

    Twitter: @Jacob_Zelonky


    Millennials love therapy because an authority figure taking a superficial, aloof interest in them while hiding their resentful contempt is the defining feature of being raised by boomers

    Twitter: @acczibit


    Millennials love air fryers init 🤣🤣

    Twitter: @ashindestad


    Millennials love bringing up zoomers eating tide pods like they weren’t sucking whippits in 2007 while watching jackass

    Twitter: @Deviled_Diegs


    millennials love books because we grew up watching Beauty and the Beast, in which a woman is willing to do anything to get her hands on a library—even marry a literal bull-moose-man.

    Twitter: @SketchesbyBoze


    millennials love posting 90s nostalgia with captions like “THESE 😍😍😍” and it’s literally some plastic trash that lights up and honestly yeah it ruled and i miss it too

    Twitter: @cat_elg


    Millennials love brunch because they can’t afford both breakfast and lunch

    Twitter: @RandallOtisTV


    Millennials love having existential dance moments to Rihanna songs.

    Twitter: @monkeybidnesss


    millennials love those tea sipping gifs

    Twitter: @thatstyshan


    Millennials love to say “I deserve a little treat once in awhile” and go buy themselves a coffee.

    Twitter: @skysmith97


    Millennials love the Sims because it is THE millennial game: • pretend you can buy a house • pretend you can afford furniture • pretend you can choose a career • pretend your career skill is rewarded • pretend your hobbies make money • pretend your needs are met

    Twitter: @thalestral


    Millennials love to ask for a recommendation and end it with “aaaannd go” like everyone is lined up in a race to google something for them. #Millennials

    Twitter: @michaeldawdaw


    Millennials love to hype up a hipster/punk donut shop and it’ll turn out to just be normal donuts but with, like, fruit loops on top

    Twitter: @Komaniecki_R


    millennials love to use the word "nuance" cuz it makes us feel sophisticated

    Twitter: @TannerForbes3


    Millennials love the word boho what the fuck is that

    Twitter: @ilost17years
    Warner Bros.


    millennials love saying “so i did a thing😌” girl go re read harry potter and shut up

    Twitter: @jacuhhbb


    You know what millennials love? The chaotic geopolitics and crumbling global economy they've inherited. Also, Arthur. They love Arthur

    Twitter: @colbertlateshow


    I wished I loved anything as much as millennials love saying “mood” and “aesthetic.”

    Twitter: @patnspankme


    millennials love picking a movie they watched once as a kid that has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes and then making it their entire personality

    Twitter: @_RobertSchultz

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