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    Millennials Are Being Honest About The Things They Are Starting To Like Less And Less The Older They Get

    If you're in your 30s or early 40s, you probably have a long list of things you once liked doing that you can't see yourself enjoying now.

    One thing about getting older — especially once you're in your 30s — is that you slowly start disliking some things you used to love doing just a few years earlier. For example, going out to very loud and crowded clubs really loses its appeal.

    "I don't like that."

    Well recently, Reddit user Sweetlo123 brought up that very topic when they asked in the r/Millennials subreddit: "What are you starting to like less and less the older you get?" They even started the thread with their own answer, "Other people. 🤗"

    "Well, I don't like that."

    The thread got thousands of responses from millennials who commiserated over the things they are now starting to dislike or downright hate. Below are the top, best, and most repeated comments:

    1. "Staying out late. I’m good with the occasional night out, but more often than not, these days I’m happy to be in my pajamas and on the couch by 7:30 p.m."

    Screenshot from "30 Rock"

    2. "Work. I’m getting older and more crotchety, and it’s getting harder and harder to put on my work face and pretend to get excited about quarterly earnings and whatnot."

    Screenshot from "Office Space"

    3. "Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I used to check them and post often, now I rarely get on my profiles."

    A home screen on an iPhone

    4. "Sleeping in late. If I’m still in bed past 8 a.m., I feel like I’m wasting the morning. Once in awhile, I’ll make an exception. We all need a lazy day on occasion, but, for the most part, I wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. without an alarm."

    a woman stretching in bed

    5. "Live music. I used to love metal and punk shows. I don’t drink anymore, and it’s not the same experience. Also, the last show I went to, I got a horrible case of COVID. I still love metal...but through my headphones."

    People at a concert

    6. "Getting drunk. Having my Saturday or Sunday gone because of a hangover is a miserable existence."

    Screenshot from "Veep"

    7. "Glorifying 'the grind.'"

    "I always grind!"

    8. "Participating in online discourse. Especially political debate. Completely useless and maddening. Was good for honing my ideals and testing my convictions for a while, but I think I'm good now."

    An animated man with an angry person coming out of their phone

    9. "Soda. I always think I want one, and after one or two drinks, it's wasted."

    Cups of soda

    10. "Amusement parks. Loved them as a kid, but now all I see is sweaty adults and screaming kids. I can’t stand waiting in line for an hour to ride on a minute ride, the food is gross and overpriced, and just generally not a good time."

    people at an amusement park

    11. "Noise!"

    "Who is being loud?"

    12. "Teenagers. There’s nothing I loathe more than being around a group of teenagers. They terrify and irritate me at the same time. I’m officially old now."

    Kids in a mall

    13. "Doing stuff just to feel included. Used to go to events and stuff just because I didn’t want to be left out and be on my own. Now I’m totally OK with saying no. I don’t want to go because that doesn’t sound fun."

    a man watching TV on his couch

    14. "Driving for sure. Like, when I first started driving, it was freedom and going anywhere I wanted, now it’s just blah. And with all the other bad drivers out on the road, it is just stress-inducing."

    a woman driving a car

    15. "Waiting in long lines. I used to be one of those foodies who would wait in line for hours to try pop-ups and try stuff like ice cream with gold foil, lmao. Now I’m over trying new wacky food trends unless it actually sounds good. But still not willing to wait in a long line for it."

    People waiting in line outside of a food truck

    16. "Bad service. When I was younger and got bad service, I took it as a contest to see who could out surly each other. Now I just don't have the time or patience for attitude or incompetence."

    Screenshot from "Mean Girls"

    17. "Just got a new phone, and I really didn't like the change. It's weird, but I guess I'm old and get annoyed with some things changing needlessly (in my opinion). A couple years back, Google changed all their app icons significantly, and I was crabby about that for a while, too."

    a man screaming at his phone

    18. "Socializing in general. God I love isolation."

    a woman reading in her backyard

    19. "Clothes that look good but are kinda uncomfortable."

    a woman standing next to high heels with bandages on her feet

    20. And lastly, "Drinking and eating fast food."

    a drive thru sign

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.