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19 Things All Siblings Fought Over In The '90s

So many tears shed over who got to play the Green Ranger.

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1. Who got to be player one on Super Nintendo:

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Of course any two-player game usually resulted with you and your sibling fighting over who got to be player one. There was always the one big trump card the older sibling played, the "I'm older, which means I go first!" card.

2. Who got to use the Lion King color changing spoon.

No bowl of cereal was complete without this spoon, PERIOD. And usually an argument started over who got to use it and your mom yelling, "Now nobody gets to use it!"

3. Who got to play with the Gameboy first on a road trip.

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There were two major reasons you wanted to play first: 1.) It almost guaranteed you wouldn't run out of battery life while playing it; 2.) You could find an excuse to hold on it to it longer and get some extra time playing with it.


5. Which Spice Girl you were.

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Nothing caused more fights than when you and your sibling both wanted to be the same Spice Girl when lip-synching and doing choreography to a Spice Girls song.

7. Who got to play the newest Barbie.


This only really happened if you got a Barbie you needed to share, which resulted in a fight over who got play with the new one and who had to play the old Barbie — who was now demoted into a villain or ugly friend supporting role.

8. The Fisher-Price Little People Parking Garage.

No trip to grandma's was complete without playing with this thing! Of course, a fight over who got to play with it (even though it was totally shareable) inevitably erupted.


13. The last orange flavored Flintstones Push Up.

If your family got the variety pack Flintstones Push Ups there was a 100% chance the first flavor to run out was Orange. And all hell broke loose when there was only one left.

16. Nickelodeon magazine.

This was all about who saw got to it first when it came in the mail. And usually you had to bitch to your parents to even get to a chance to flip through it or do the puzzles if your sibling had it first.


19. And finally, who got to the drive the ~car~.

OK, so not everyone owned a Power Wheel, but there was a good chance you and your sibling(s) got to play with one at a friends or relatives. Of course this lead to a fight over who got to drive the car. And, like clockwork the older sibling would always say, "I'm older, which means I get to drive!"