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27 Things That Will Unlock Deep-Down Memories In Any '90s Latinx Kid

You knew better than to expect to find cookies in the Royal Dansk tin.

1. Never knowing if there was actually margarine in this container or if it was leftovers or salsa...the possibilities of what it held inside were endless:

A container of Country Crock margarine

2. And knowing there was never cookies in this tin and that it was strictly for sewing supplies:

Royal Dansk butter cookies tin

3. Having these exact bowls and plates:

Twitter: @PabloValdivia

4. For some reason, always having these vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies in your pantry:

Msphotographic / Getty Images

5. How every evening, it was all about watching Primer Impacto...

Two hosts sitting at the desk of Primer Impacto
Angel Montero/

6. ...especially to see their sensational stories about the chupacabra and UFOs...

A screenshot of a host of Primer Impacto talking about the chupacbara

7. ...and to hear Walter Mercado dramatically read horoscopes (your mom would always shush you when he was reading hers):

Psychic Walter Mercado poses for a portrait in 2001 in Los Angeles, California.
Harry Langdon / Getty Images

8. How your friends' families watched the evening news with Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw, but your family watched the evening news hosted by Jorge Ramos:

Jorge Ramos interviewing Bill Clinton in the White House

9. And how you didn't just watch Oprah, you also watched Cristina:

A photo Cristina Saralegui dancing with the audience behind her applauding on the set of her show
Jeffery Salter / The LIFE Images Collection via G

10. Seeing the Inglés Sin Barreras commercials play over and over. And maybe also having a set at home, if your parents were trying to brush up on their English:

Screenshot of Inglés Sin Barreras set from the commercial
Mario Jamierson/

11. Your mom owning at least one Precious Moments figurine — even if she didn't collect them or know what they were:

Figure of a blonde little girl carrying a baby doll

12. Hearing the latest Disney song on the radio in Spanish and having your mind immediately play the English version in your head:

View this video on YouTube

13. Or hearing an English-speaking artist do a Spanish version of their latest hit song:

View this video on YouTube

Toni Braxton/

14. Knowing that piñatas at birthday parties would be filled with at least 70% of these candies:

Strawberry candy

15. Knowing at least one kid (or maybe it was you?) who was obsessed with their Xuxa jellies and wore them ALL THE TIME:


16. Having your mom call every toy line you owned "Los Power Rangers"...

Red Power Ranger figure

17. ...and every video game system you owned a "Nintendo," whether they were or not:

A set of hands holding a Sony PlayStation remote
Robert Lachman / Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

18. Owning at least one Teresa doll, 'cause she was the only Latina Barbie:

Totally Hair Teresa Barbie doll

19. And also owning at least one imitation Barbie Latina doll:

An Ana La Quinceanera doll in her box

20. Being woken up early on Saturday mornings to your mom listening to Los Bukis or Gloria Estefan while cleaning:

Fonovisa, Sony Music

21. And listening to Luis Miguel or Chayanne whenever your mom was in a romantic mood:

WEA Latina, CBS Columbia

22. Learning about the world from Fuera De Serie:


23. Watching Sábado Gigante on Saturday nights with your family:

A screenshot of Don Fransisco interviewing Enrique Iglesias on "Sábado Gigante"

24. And watching Luz Clarita with your abuela:

View this video on YouTube

te Amo Muxo/

25. Listening to Selena's Amor Prohibido over and over (and having this image of her engraved in your mind):

The classic cover of Selena's Amor Prohbido album which features her titling her head to the side, while wearing hoop earnings, a ruffled collar blouse, and black leather jacket
EMI Latin

26. Never, ever missing any Thalía telenovela and having its theme song always stuck in your head:

View this video on YouTube


27. And lastly, dancing to the "Macarena" at every wedding, birthday party, quinceañera, and BBQ you went to:

Sony Music

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