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    19 Very Specific Things That '80s Kids Haven't Thought About In 25 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

    I am still having nightmares about Max Headroom!

    1. The live Muppet Babies stage show that would travel around the country:

    Promotional photo of performers dressed as Rowlf, Animal, Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo from Muppet Babies

    2. Disney Dollars that you would never want to spend — 'cause they were too pretty — when visiting Disney World or Disneyland:

    An envelope with Disney Dollars written on it and three $1 Disney Dollars that features Mickey waving on them

    3. The Kids of the Polk Street School book series, which was pretty relatable:

    Three different The Kids of the Polk Street School book covers

    4. Max Headroom, which was a nightmare-inducing TV show:

    A promotional photo of Max Headroom wearing white Wayfarer sunglasses and a white suite with large shoulder pads

    5. Sandy Lion sticker books that were perfect for, well, Sandy Lion stickers:

    A Sandy Lion sticker book with a drawing of a bears sitting on balloons on it

    6. The Garfield huggers clip-on toys that were freaking useless:

    Two small Garfield hugger toys one wearing a Santa hat

    7. The Smurfs Christmas album, which was actually a really annoying album (NGL):

    The cover Merry Christmas with the Smurfs album which features Papa Smurf leading a chorus of three singing Smurfs and Smurfette looking from the window

    8. The Fisher-Price camera that actually took photos:

    A blue Fisher-Price camera with "Made by Kodak" written it

    9. Nickelodeon Kids' Court TV show, which was as good as The People's Court:

    The logo for "Nickelodeon Kids' Court" with kids sitting in the audience in the background

    10. These pocket pianos that aside from making the most annoying beeps, also stunk like plastic:

    A blue pocket piano

    11. Cathy mugs that — if you didn't see one in your house — you would definitely see on the shelves of Hallmark:

    A mug with Cathy in a heart reaching out for a hug with "My love for you is a bottomless pit" written over her

    12. Shirt Tales stuffed animals, which you was something your grandma would get you from Hallmark:

    A stuffed animal of Pammy Panda in a pink dress and Bogey Orangutan in a green T-shirt

    13. The Fisher-Price Little People Airport...

    14. ...and Zoo play sets, which were the best play sets (aside from the Parking Garage):

    15. This exact phone that every family had:

    A beige landline phone with push-down gray buttons

    16. The Betty Crocker cookbook for kids, which had some legit recipes that were fun to make:

    The orange cover for Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls, which features a hand putting don a plate with for hamburger patties with smiling faces made of cheese and olives

    17. The ridiculous, but very entertaining cartoon series, Beverly Hills Teens:

    A promotional photo for Beverly Hills Teens

    18. The Mickey Mouse Splashdance album, which was Disney's attempt to jump on the Flashdance and new wave craze:

    The cover for Mickey Mouse Splashdance which feautres Mickey's back to us as he surfs a wave at night

    19. And finally, Time Life's Mysteries of the Unknown books commercial, which was CREEPY AS ALL HELL:

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