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    These Brad Pitt Photos From 1987 Are Wonderfully Cheesy

    Who knew that a 23-year-old Brad could give us so many seriously '80s poses?!

    Brad working a "Yeah, I am the assistant manager of this Gap," crossed-arms pose.

    The "classic '80s zany sitcom intro" pose.

    The "pensive, but still making sure my hair looks good" pose.

    The "I'm very sexily concerned about you" pose.

    The "totally the movie poster for ridiculous rom-com" pose.

    The "I am awkwardly sitting on box and literally about to fall off" pose.

    Brad is the George Michael in this "let's pose like the members of Wham!" pose.

    The "Oh, whoops, how did all that man-cleavage get there?" pose

    The "let's have fun at the Sears Portrait Studio" couples pose.

    The "I know you want a piece of this beefcake" pose.