The Talking Pee-Wee Herman Doll Is Probably A Toy You Would Play With Today

    This was hands down the best toy to come out of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

    Introduced in 1987, the Talking Pee-Wee Herman doll was the most successful and memorable item to come from the popular Saturday morning show's tie-in merchandise.

    Made by Matchbox Toys, the doll stood 17 1/4 inches tall and came dressed in Pee-Wee's classic grey houndstooth suit, red bowtie, and white buck shoes; with the head and hands made of vinyl.

    The Talking Pee-Wee Doll continued to be popular toy into the early '90s, but after Paul Reubens' very public arrest in Florida, it led to him retiring the popular character and the toys being pulled from the shelves.

    Today on eBay or Esty the Talking Pee-Wee doll ranges from, $19 for loose out of the box, to anywhere between $75 to $200 for a mint in the box.

    Talking Pee-Wee Herman commercial:

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