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The "Star Wars" Jungle Gym Was The Greatest In The Galaxy

Because every kid wanted to be part of the Imperial Army.

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A "Scout Walker Command Tower"

The play set came with Scout Walker Command Tower and inside was an electronic console, which came with 4-sound effects from the movie: “Laser Cannons”, Turnstile Guns, the "Scout Walker", and "Proton Torpedoes."

Although, one of the more concerning aspects is that apparently ‘80s parents were not too concerned with safety, it had just a metal bar separating you from falling to your death (or just a really bad, unpleasant injury).

In all fairness your parents could buy the additional 7-foot aluminum slide that went attached to the Command Tower.

"Speeder Bike" swing

Probably the best part about the play set was the Speeder Bike swing. Aside from it being an awesome kid size version of the movie prop, it was surprisingly sturdy. It allowed you have multiple riders on it, or if you felt particularly adventurous, you could ride it like a surfboard.

The play set had an additional extension your parents could buy that allowed for two more traditional swings.

Sadly, this is one of the more rare Star Wars products, coming at the tale end of it's popularity among young kids.

Today, no pictures seem to exist and no listings on eBay, Etsy or Craigslist.

RIP The "Return Of The Jedi" Jungle Gym.