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    Posted on Jul 3, 2014

    This 2005 UNICEF Commerical Featuring "The Smurfs" Will Destroy Your Childhood

    It was all for a very good cause, but it was just so dark.

    Every kid remembers The Smurfs, the smurfing '80s cartoon about a commune of blue woodland creature-hippies that lived in mushrooms.

    They were a happy bunch, that for the most part lived a peaceful existence.

    But in a 2005 commercial for UNCIEF, things got dark for our beloved Smurfs.

    The commercial starts off with the familiar peaceful forrest setting, just like the intro to the series.

    We then cut to a typical Smurf scene, were they are celebrating like usual.

    But then, out nowhere, bombs drop on the Smurfs!

    And the Smurf Village is completly destroyed -- along with several smurfing casualties.

    The ad that accompanied the commercial wasn't much better:

    Sadly, it looks like Smurfette and whatever Smurf that is on the right did not survive.

    Check out the entire destruction of the Smurfs here:

    View this video on YouTube

    And this will be pretty much your reaction:

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