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    The One Big Clue Bruce Wayne Gave Gotham That He Was Batman

    Why so obvious, Bruce?

    So in the Dark Knight series (like in every other Batman series), Bruce Wayne goes to great lengths to keep his identity a secret from everyone.

    I mean, duh, that's the whole point of Batman.

    One of the ways Bruce protected his alter ego was by portraying himself as a flashy Lamborghini-driving billionaire playboy.

    Bruce's Lamborghini, a Murciélago LP 640 model to be exact, even played a pivotal role in The Dark Knight.

    But the thing is that the Lamborghini is a BIG clue into Bruce's other identity, 'cause in Spanish "murciélago" means bat!

    Yup, Bruce was teasing his alter ego's true identity to the citizens of Gotham the entire time.

    h/t: Reddit