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The 9 Funniest Single Reviews Morrissey Did For Smash Hits In 1984

Never one to mince words, Moz hates on Cyndi Lauper and confesses to liking Duran Duran.

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1. Duran Duran, “Wild Boys”


Pleads for Duran Duran to stop making music videos:

Big burps of aggression fill out this truly good Duran single. Fine fiery vocals and mountainous drums. But please, boys, don’t make a video. Bestest Single Of The Fortnight.

2. Cyndi Lauper, “All Through The Night”


Calls Cyndi Lauper ordinary:

In homecountry, America, Cyndi Lauper is probably filed under “New Wave.” This record is grossly unmusical. Squeezing the rag dry, it is lifted yet again from her LP, “She’s So Incredibly Ordinary.”


6. Level 42, “The Chant Has Begun”

You have to be drunk to enjoy the band Level 42:

That’s strange, I can’t hear it. Having never been sufficiently drunk to enjoy a Level 42 record, I prescribe the Burmese neck ring to these chumps for being icy.


7. Lionel Richie, “Penny Lover”


Only miserable people like Lionel Richie:

The seventeenth single lifted from his “Can’t Slow Down” LP. That people actually care for such things suggests an unholy amount of human misery.