The 11 Most Important Playsets Of The ’80s

There was no bigger joy for girls (and some boys) than getting one of these epic toys on Christmas morning.

11. My Little Pony Show Stable

Originally released in 1983, this charming playset came with the all-important exclusive toy – which in this case was Lemon Drop and her puppy friend Brandy.

My Little Pony Show Stable commercial:

10. Lady LovelyLocks: Castle LovelyLocks

Although this toy line is mostly forgotten, it did produce a very cool playset, Castle LovelyLocks, which when opened with a key turned into play garden for Lady LovelyLocks and her friends.

Lady LovelyLocks: Castle LovelyLocks commercial:

9. Sweet Secrets: Jewelry Box Playhouse

The awesome toy line — which was a bit of like Transformers — had an accompanying playset that was also an actual jewelry box.

Sweet Secrets: Jewelry Box Playhouse commercial:

8. Care Bears: Care-a-Lot Playset

Produced by Kenner in 1983, it was the first and only Care Bears’ playset released in the ’80s.

7. Hello Kitty’s Dollhouse

Produced by Sanrio in 1984, the house came with a 14-piece furniture set and even a baby blue convertible for Hello Kitty to cruise around in.

6. Barbie’s Glamour Home

Released in 1984, this Barbie house came with a “glamorous” spiral staircase and a very ’80s wicker furniture set.

Barbie’s Glamour Home commercial:

5. Jem’s Rock Backstager

Jem, the ultimate ’80s rockstar, came with her own dressing room playset — which also doubled as a speaker!

Jem’s Rock Backstager

4. Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Happy Home Doll House

Produced by Kenner in 1983, this huge doll house included, a front porch, balcony, and skylight, all spread out over three floors.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Happy Home Doll House commercial:

3. She-Ra’s Crystal Castle


She-Ra — like her brother He-Man — came with her own iconic castle, the Crystal Castle, that came complete with a working elevator/throne and purple plastic sleigh bed (perfectly fit for a princess).

She-Ra’s Crystal Castle commercial:

2. Barbie’s Dream House

Originally created in 1979, this dollhouse was a perennial seller throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. The playset wasn’t just an investment in money, but also floor space – this thing was huge.

Barbie’s Dream House commercial:

1. My Little Pony Dream Castle

Released by Hasbro in 1983, the Dream Castle was the ultimate My Little Pony playset. Like the Show Stable, it came with it’s own exclusive figure, Majesty, who was a unicorn, of course.

My Little Pony Dream Castle commercial:

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